Guitar Lessons: Who Plays A Brass Instrument?

I’m 18 and I was wondering if I am too late to play the Saxophone (Alto)? Can I? I can already play the piano and the guitar. But now I want to play the Sax because I love the sound of the Alto Sax, I really want to play it but at the time I felt I wanted to play it, I never had the money for lessons (I don’t want to ask my parents to pay because they’re helping me with Uni so…). I’ve been working and I’ve saved up quite a lot especially in the summer. Now that I can afford the lessons and buy the instrument (not an expensive one, I’ve been looking), will I still be able to learn a new instrument? Or will it be too difficult now…


  1. mozzerella20 says:

    firstly alto sax isn’t a brass’s a woodwind. Brass encompasses instruments like trumpets and trombones. And no, I started tenor when I was 15 and I had only played piano beforehand. It is never too late to learn trust me (especially if you are competent in music theory).

    I 100 percent assure you that you can learn it

  2. Virtuoso says:

    I play the trumpet. I play in a jazz combo as well as my independant recordings.

  3. David in Lancs says:

    No, you are not too old ! All wind instruments have a common feature. You do not have to be brilliant to make a pleasing sound. Work on getting your “voice” the way you want it and exploit it on straightforward melodies. As a pianist, I suspect that you can already read music and will not have that to learn at the same time. So you already speak the language. Virtuosity will come with practice. Incidentally, many pro musicians will tell you that it is better to buy a good quality second hand instrument rather than a cheap new one.