Yamaha FG700S: Acoustic Guitar Package With Yamaha FG700S

For anyone who’s just starting out and wants to learn how to play the acoustic guitar, you really need to read this.

Yamaha have recently released the best acoustic guitar beginners bundle that I’ve ever seen. It includes the Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar, Plus – everything else you will ever need to start playing.

It comes with picks, strap, hard carrying case, stand, tuner, capo, polish and even a dvd demonstrating how to play the acoustic guitar. This is real value for money and that’s why I felt compelled to add this to my website.

Over the years I’ve been through many guitars and have always found that Yamaha guitars are the easiest to play. I’m not saying they’re the best guitars in the world, clearly Gibson and Fender guitars are of higher quality. But for the price you pay and for the ease of use – Yamaha acoustic guitars are the best.



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