Guitar Lessons: I Love Music So Much, Could I Go To The Royal Academy Of Music?

Hi, i am 15 years old in my 10th year in school. I already play the guitar and i can play most of the solo’s out there, but i am not so interested in the guitar. One month ago i bought a piano and i have always been fascinated with it since i was a child, but u never had the chance to lay my fingers on it. The first day i got the piano, i played for seven hours straight, since then i play at least three hours a day. I can play the moonlight sonata- Beethoven,Toccata-Paul Mauriat and i also began composing piano music. My mind is obsesses with this, and this is all i would want to do. I also take piano lessons from a Russian woman

If i keep practicing allot for the next three years, could i have the potential to be accepted at the Royal Academy of Music in London?


  1. Bassel says:
    watch it. bro, if it makes you happy go for it.

  2. AnswerPasty says:

    If you put your heart and soul into music, and tell yourself that is my goal, that is what i want to do! Then yes.

    Mind it’ll take practise, and I mean practise. I’m not a piano player (i play woodwind) and from what I’ve seen piano is a hard instrument and usually skill levels are higher.
    I expect you know all the abrsm exam grades – for example grade 1 piano looks and is harder than like grade 1 clarinet – you get my drift.
    So other players (flautists, trumpetiers etc.) who are in the royal academy of music are very skilled in their instruments/higher level etc. But pianists have to be at like an even higher level – if you get my drift.

    Sorry it sounds soooo complicated – basically yes if you practise practise practise, work hard, but your time and effort into it and DON’T give up, no matter what.
    You may get there in 3 years – but don’t push it, it may take a little longer.

    Good luck, I hope you get far :)

    Edit: Your 15, if you’re really serious about getting in, chances are you will have to leave school next year (after year 11) and focus everything on music, try and get into college, or even better if you can afford it, a music college/school (expensive though)