I want to learn to sing but….?

I can play the piano and guitar but i want to learn to sing. Im inspired by gary barlow and robbie williams :P. But. When i say i should learn to sing to my family they just take it as a joke, and i think it would be a bit embarrising practicing at home, when i havent had lessons or my first few lessons. Im a 14 yr old male and im not really sure if my voice has dropped yet, cause it doesnt sound deep, but then again some adult voices arent that deep, so i dont want to sqeek when i go high, or when my voice drops id have to pratice lots again. (Also i want to be famous in music, and yes i know not many people make it big )

Any advice :S
I would practice myself but if would find it a tad embarrising, so id do it alone, but thats not often :(


  1. Jamie says:

    Practice your self?

  2. gooshi says:

    just be yourself no matter how you sing just enjoy yourself thats what i do