Guitar Lessons: Am I Improving Well Enough On Guitar?

Scorpions guitarrists’ Mathias Jabs and Rudolph Schenker in a guitar lesson teaching the fans how to play No One Like You and Rock you like a Hurricane, and also talking about the way they composed each one.

So I’ve been playing for a little over a year now and i was just wondering if i’m improving well enough. I haven’t had any lessons purely because i just dont have the time.

The hardest song I can play is probably Blackbird by The Beatles or with a little hesitation in the solo, Hotel California by the Eagles.

I already play piano so i can move my left hand fingers quite quickly, as a result sometimes my picking speed can seem not up to scratch. I was also wondering if there are any exercise to improve my picking speed?

I started guitar a little over a year ago. Absolute beginner a year ago no guitar experience whatsoever.


  1. iMadeThisMyNameJustSoThatiCouldHaveaScrollBar says:

    well, we can’t answer if you have improved because we don’t know much about how you started of as. ut you sound alright to me :)