Guitar Lessons: Should I Get This For My Birthday, And How To Pursuade My Mum To Get Me It?

you may have seen my previous question about me wanting to be in a band when i’m older? you may not. but i do. i’ve always wanted to play bass guitar or the drums, but i imagine the drums are too loud for my mums liking so they are ruled out. it’s my 14th birthday on the 16th of september and i still don’t know what i want, so hey presto, a bass guitar. here are the simple questions i need to know.
should i get one?
are they hard to play?
which one should i get?
do you think i should pay for lessons at school?
do you play bass, if you do, how long for and are you good at it?
how do i persuade my mum to let her get me one? just to let you know she isn’t the type of mum who will just buy me one without saying, she needs to know everything first.

i would be so so so grateful if you could answer these.


  1. twilight<3 says:

    If music is your thing, go for it!
    As long as you don’t start wearing mandels like Jon.
    (If you like P!ATD as much as your username says you do, you’ll get it) :)
    However, I know nothing. Sorry! But good luck with it!

  2. Rick says:

    Happy Birthday mate 😛

    I just wanted to let you know you can get eletric drums where you can turn the volume down, (and up) and even put headphones in so its not so loud 😛

    but im sorry i dont know anything about bass guitars

  3. Willissss says:

    -definetly get one if music interests you.
    -i have an acoustic guitar, and its hard to play right off the bat, so you probably need to take lessons. PS:drums are harder.
    -your choice
    Persuade: look up, watch, listen bass/drums things in front of ur mum.
    that way you look like u have a passion for bass/drums and ur not begging for it. oh la la