I want to learn to sing but….?

I can play the piano and guitar but i want to learn to sing. Im inspired by gary barlow and robbie williams :P. But. When i say i should learn to sing to my family they just take it as a joke, and i think it would be a bit embarrising practicing at home, when i havent had lessons or my first few lessons. Im a 14 yr old male and im not really sure if my voice has dropped yet, cause it doesnt sound deep, but then again some adult voices arent that deep, so i dont want to sqeek when i go high, or when my voice drops id have to pratice lots again. (Also i want to be famous in music, and yes i know not many people make it big )

Any advice :S
I would practice myself but if would find it a tad embarrising, so id do it alone, but thats not often :(

When I’m older I want to be a rockstar.Am I wasting my time thinking about a silly fantasy that wont come true?

I am 14. My idols/heros are all rock stars.
David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Slash, Keith Richards, Steven Tyler, etc…
I play guitar. I’ve been playing for 1 year and I practice like hell. I am going on to grade three in Easter next year. And I have just done debut a month ago and got distinction (If I may say so). :)
anyway, for the past year I have been dreaming of being a rock star like my heros. this may be a little awkward seeing as I am female. but, hey, there was tina turner. and janis joplin.
I am in a band. 2 bands actually. I play bass. and a bit of guitar. but they count for almost absolutley nothing seeing as they are school bands and all we do is play at school concerts. although one of the bands almost got a gig at a pub but the drummer couldn’t make it.
The reason I say rockstar, rather than musician, isn’t because of the money or fame. Well. I guess you could say that… anyway, the reason I said rockstar is because I love playing to crowds. I love the feeling of it. I did one school concert with the ever-so-radical-school band and there was maybe 200-300 people in the room and it was amazing. even though they all just sat their eating their crisps. it was still amazing.
Am I wasting my life? should I concentrate more on the more boring lessons so that I can have a boring, normal job when I am older?
I just don’t want to live the way everyone else lives. drive into work. sit in an office all day. paperwork. drive home. shower. bed. every day. that just seems a waste of a living.
when I get out of school. I’ll be seventeen. I want to go to college. And I plan to get a band started then. but, who knows. this is like four years away. things will have changed.
should I just give up now, and realise that this is never going to happen? even though I want it more than the whole world?
I want to bring good music back. God knows if I can do that. but I want to try, all the same.
do you think i have a chance? or am I just another 14 year old who is dreaming about something that will never happen?
I know rock stars don’t live perfect lives. when did I say they did?
I just want to make music and perform music as a career.

Guitar Lessons: Who Plays A Brass Instrument?

I’m 18 and I was wondering if I am too late to play the Saxophone (Alto)? Can I? I can already play the piano and the guitar. But now I want to play the Sax because I love the sound of the Alto Sax, I really want to play it but at the time I felt I wanted to play it, I never had the money for lessons (I don’t want to ask my parents to pay because they’re helping me with Uni so…). I’ve been working and I’ve saved up quite a lot especially in the summer. Now that I can afford the lessons and buy the instrument (not an expensive one, I’ve been looking), will I still be able to learn a new instrument? Or will it be too difficult now…

Guitar Lessons: I Love Music So Much, Could I Go To The Royal Academy Of Music?

Hi, i am 15 years old in my 10th year in school. I already play the guitar and i can play most of the solo’s out there, but i am not so interested in the guitar. One month ago i bought a piano and i have always been fascinated with it since i was a child, but u never had the chance to lay my fingers on it. The first day i got the piano, i played for seven hours straight, since then i play at least three hours a day. I can play the moonlight sonata- Beethoven,Toccata-Paul Mauriat and i also began composing piano music. My mind is obsesses with this, and this is all i would want to do. I also take piano lessons from a Russian woman

If i keep practicing allot for the next three years, could i have the potential to be accepted at the Royal Academy of Music in London?

Guitar Lessons: Should I Get This For My Birthday, And How To Pursuade My Mum To Get Me It?

you may have seen my previous question about me wanting to be in a band when i’m older? you may not. but i do. i’ve always wanted to play bass guitar or the drums, but i imagine the drums are too loud for my mums liking so they are ruled out. it’s my 14th birthday on the 16th of september and i still don’t know what i want, so hey presto, a bass guitar. here are the simple questions i need to know.
should i get one?
are they hard to play?
which one should i get?
do you think i should pay for lessons at school?
do you play bass, if you do, how long for and are you good at it?
how do i persuade my mum to let her get me one? just to let you know she isn’t the type of mum who will just buy me one without saying, she needs to know everything first.

i would be so so so grateful if you could answer these.

Guitar Lessons: I Feel Really Inferior To Everyone, And Am Getting Really Down On My Self.?

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I’m 14 and I’ve been having a hard time with my friends. They seem to be always putting me down and making me feel worse about myself (less pretty, less skinny, a worse singer, rubbish at guitar) and my mum has been really good with me, but recently I’ve seen another side to her, and now I feel like she’s against me too. She’s been telling me how much she weighed when she was my age, what her waist measured etc, and it’s almost as if she’s trying to show me how much better she was than i am. I weigh eight stone and now I’m starting to feel like I really need to lose some weight, which I know isn’t healthy. But it’s not just that. I showed my mum an essay I had worked all day on and she told me it wasn’t very good, when i was really proud of it. I played hockeey for my school today and she told me I didn’t play very well. I was sitting strumming on my guitar casually the other day and she said i wasn’t playing it right and that she was ‘a hell of a lot better than I am and she didn’t even get lessons’. And every time i sing she listens intently and tells me I’m singing the complete wrong tune. She also keeps telling me how much my friends have achieved, and how better they are than me, (how much taller and how much nicer they dress). It’s really getting to me because i felt like she was the only person I could trust and now I feel like she’s just as bad as my friends. I don’t know if I’m just overreacting and my mum said i was just being too sensitive when i told her, but i’ve lost all of my confidence ( if i ever had any to start!) and it’s gottten to the point that i’m crying myself to sleep every night and I’ve become really antisocial, i cant keep up with the dieting and what not that my friends are into. My mum is so nice to me most of the time, but at other times, i just want her to support me in the things i love doing, and encourage me. She says i quit everything i start but really i only stop because she makes me feel like i’m not good enough to continue trying. Please help- Am i just over reacting or is everyone really turning against me?!

Guitar Games: Am I A Bad Dad To My Son?

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I was only 17 when my son Caleb and since then i get o see him every now and ten. When he was three i moved to Australia. I got to see him even less than i normally did but i still rang him. When Poppy was born (My first daughter with my wife, Caleb half-sister) he came out and stayed with us for awhile. He really enjoyed it and he loves his little sister and he talks to her every time we ring. His mother is getting remarried and going on her honeymoon for six months and sh has asked me to look after him for that time. Of course i agreed but the way she said it made me think i’m a bad Dad. She said that i haven’t been much of Dad to him so i can at least do this. I haven’t seen him in at least three years but i talk to him a least three to four times a week. I know i shouldn’t think that i’m a bad Dad but i haven’t ever really been there for him. I’ve missed countless school plays, baseball games and he plays the guitar and i haven’t ever seen him play it. Am i a bad Dad?
Last time i went and tried to see him his mother told me to go away. I have visitation rights but she ignored them. Caleb is televe by the way. He has a good realtionship with his sister and talks to all his siblings over webcam.
When i was eighteen my parents devorced and my Dad moved to Australia. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer about a year later and a bit later and i moved over there so i could be with him.

My ex-partner decided to go and see Europe so her and her new partner decided to do it alone. I didn’t ask why they are going for so long.

Guitar Lessons: If I Started Teaching Myself Bass Aged 15, Would I Have Started Too Late To Ever Make It In A Band?

I’ve recently started getting into rock music and going to a few rock shows and I’d love to be in a band and play shows for a living. I’d want to play bass, but I don’t have a bass guitar yet, however I have a guitar that I’ve been teaching myself on for a few months and I’m getting a bass for Christmas. But have I started too late if I’m 15? I’m very determined, I spend loads of time playing and practicing but I don’t know anyone that plays any instruments or sings that I could start a band with. Oh and I don’t care if the band never makes it big, I just want to play shows and maybe tour. And will I have to take lessons to have any chance of being in a band?

Guitar Songs: What Happens If You Play A Song On Guitar Thats Spose To Have A Capo Without A Capo?

LMAO is all i can say. This fool is singing about food. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA www.PhillWade.com Follow us on Twitter @MrSpB2 @phillWade_ @Dkendrick1

if its spose to be on capo 2? will it just change the key or just be completely wrong

I don’t like practicing my instruments if my parents can hear me?

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I play guitar, bass, piano and flute.
I love playing guitar, I try to practice as much as I can because I want to be a guitarist when I am older. I have been playing for 2 years and I am on grade four. I normally practice at school where my family can’t hear me, but at the moment I am off school for two weeks and I really want to practice, I just hate doing it when my parents can hear me. I don’t know why, but I can play infront of audiences of 300 people, but not infront of my mum and dad. I can’t even pracyice in my room, beecause I am worried that they might hear me. I guess the reason is because I am embarrassed. I know that for the rest of the week they’ll be telling me how sweet it was or how good I am. (I’m not that good, but my dad was telling me how brilliant I must be when he asked if I could do vibrato and I said yes).
It was the same when I learned piano. Infact that was the reason I quit. In my house we don’t have a keyboard, we only have a proper piano so wherever anyone else is in the house they can still hear me. I really want to play the piano better, and I hated having lessons because it would have meant that I HAD to practice. I want a keyboard so I can practice with headphones, but I realise that they are very expensive.

Sorry, I doubt that that rant made much sense. Ca anyone help?

Guitar Lessons: No Desire To Do Work. Just Stopped Caring?

OK its hard to explain. All my life Ive been working hard in school and listening in lessons, handing in homework etc. But the last two and most important years which actually count, ive just stopped. I dont know why. I know I need to work hard, my grades are the lowest theyve ever been, I dont listen in lessons, I dont work and now Im two yeard behind on work which I need to hand in next week.

Ive got some sort of mental block, the second I pick up a book or something, I just put it down and do something els and try to block out the fact that I have work to do. usually I pick up my guitar or play a game or something.

Ive asked a few questions and people have told me I suffer from anxiety/depression. Its a logical explanation since I feel like crap 99% of the time.

What the hell is wrong with me? Plus I have a crap report meaning I wont be able to go to college until next year.

Guitar Lessons: Thoughts On My Singing? X?

I have been singing since I was very young and I’ve taken professional lessons for 5 years. I’m 15 years old and I also play guitar and piano. I am also thinking of entering the X factor when I’m 16 :) x

Can you give me your thoughts on my singing and advice that will help me improve?

Thank you,
God bless,

P.S If you really don’t like it, and have something mean to say. Don’t say anything at all

Guitar Lessons: HELP: Which Instrument Should I Learn?

www.dolphinstreet.com Here’s a lesson for 2 short blues guitar licks. These work great over a slow blues. This example is played in the key of E. Full TAB in PDF and Guitar Pro files are available from www.dolphinstreet.com I used a Hagstrom Viking through a Marshall Class5 for this demo. Reverb was a blueSky Reverbator from www.strymon.net Facebook Page www.facebook.com


I’ve always wanted to be able to play an instrument skilfully.

The only instrument that I mastered straight away and found easy was Drum-Kit, my teacher told me I am talented and have good coordination and a good music-ear.
I love playing the drums and I know it’s perfect for me but I can’t buy it as it takes too much space and too expensive.

I want to play a different instrument that I can be able to buy and practice in my own time! Also one that is possible to teach yourself how to play it as I can’t afford lessons.
I have bought a keyboard before but as I didn’t know how to play it, I got bored with it and returned it. I guess I should have kept it and learnt from YouTube videos or something ^_^”

In school, everyone knew how to play the guitar so the teacher taught our class songs but I hardly knew the chords so I was totally lost and clueless. If maybe I knew more about the basics then I would be good at guitar..

I have no experience with musical notes or whatever and cannot read music..
But I really believe that I am able to play an instrument.

I’m not sure what instrument to learn. Advice?

Sorry for being so long and boring but I will truly appreciate your help.

I want to start playing music, but I don’t know what to play!?

scale lesson www.guitarjamzdotcom more stuff http How to Play the Solo From The Beatles, While My Guitar Gently Weeps – George Harrison Eric Clapton marty schwartz guitarjamz guitarjamzdotcom guitar jamz free online guitar lessons classic rock blues “Eric Clapton (Musical Artist)” “How-to (Conference Subject)” John Lennon “John Lennon (Musical Artist)” Mccartney Starr Lesson “Paul Mccartney” Cover

Hey everyone! I want to start playing an instrument, but I don’t know what I want to play! I have 2 main choices, guitar or bass, trouble is, that guitar is probably harder, but you can be more diverse. Bass may be easier, but you can’t really make your own song with it… Which would you advise? I’m open to other ideas, as long as they’re not wind instruments!

P.S. I’m 15 so could it be too late for me to start playing. And I will no longer be able to have lessons without paying a ton of money for them, so I would be mostly home teaching myself from guides on the internet…

Guitar Lessons: How Can A 14-year-old Become A Famous Singer?

Михаил Старостин : vkontakte.ru Урок по правой руке : www.youtube.com

OK, if you’ve read my other questions, you’ve probably worked out that my true desire is music.

I have been having keyboard lessons since I was 10, I have a Grade 3 certificate, and because of this, I also have the ability to play a little piano. Furthermore, my mother gave me one of her guitars when I was 12, and I’ve been playing it almost everyday ever since. Finally, I have been told by many people, all through my life, that I have an amazing voice. Even though I play keyboards and guitar, my biggest joy is singing. I’ve always had the dream to be on stage in front of thousands of people, and to show them that I have a gift.

Last year I got the chance to audition for the X Factor, because they lowered the minimum age to 14. However, when I asked my mother if I could audition for it, she threw away my chance by saying, “No.” I had that feeling that you get when your heart drops down and it starts racing, and in the end I was so upset, I ran to my room and cried into my pillow. My first bad comment, and from my own mother! She lowered my confidence, way down.

But a couple of weeks after, although I was really worried about what would happen if I didn’t, I auditioned for a solo in the Christmas concert at school. I got the solo, and I sang in front of over 200 people. I was really nervous when the spotlight hit me, but there were some other girls in my year in the audience, and when the concert finished, they told me they were shocked by me.

My confidence has been getting higher and higher ever since then, and now I really do feel that I can be able to perform again. My RE teacher is a church singer, and she’s created a songwriting group at school, and it came to no surprise to her that I joined. I’ve already written a couple of songs, and all my friends say they’re really good. My mom still won’t let me audition for reality shows like Britain’s Got Talent, so is there any way that I can become famous without going down that path?

Guitar Games: Sims, You Need To See This!!!!!!!!!!!?

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so, i like to create video games, and im working on a new sim game, i am working on the part were you make new objects, and part of the whole game is that the players are satisfied. so i need you to tell me what is missing in the game, things that should be improved, and things to add, even things to take away from the game. below i have written a list of some things i think should be added, just read it so you can get the idea of what im asking for.

1.a mini fridge
2.a punching bag
3.massage chairs
4.electric guitars
8.more gaming systems
10.video-game shelves
12.ramps(for skateboards)
16.soda, juice,water, etc
17.drinking while eating
20.homemade cake
21.cameras to frame pictures
23.video-game informers

also tell me anything you think will be cool to add to the game, buildings, additions, community lots, cheats, anything, really, just dont go overboard.
most of the things you guys listed already excist. waching machines, drums, bass, just keep inmind this could also be thing that they used in part 2, or or the first sims

Guitar Games: Which Soundcard For FruityLoops?

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I need a soundcard for my pc but am not sure which to get. I don’t have a lot of money so I’m not looking at any of the high end types and I’ll be using it for both music, music production with Guitar Port and Fruity Loops and also games. Games not the biggest issue so one more geared towards music I’m guessing.

What’s Trust like and I was looking at Creative Labs X-Fi Xtreme Audio cards

Guitar Songs: Good Songs For 13 Yr Old Boy (guitar)?

i recently broke my voice so i need good songs . I’m also going to audition for a talent show PLZ HELP

So, I really like this boy…?

Jim Hall part1

I feel so lame writing this, aha.

I met this boy on a sixth form induction day (UK). He was only in one of my taster lessons, but as soon as the teacher said his name I was like, woah. I LOVE his name, it is the nicest name I’ve ever heard. And he was AMAZING on the guitar, so I was like, double woah. And I sort of fell in love with him after hearing him play the guitar, aha. Stupid I know.

So I got home and searched the origin of his name – like, what country. And I found his twitter and a link to a blog that he has, and I’ve pretty much been speaking to him through the blog, but anonymously. He doesn’t know who I am yet aha.

It’s pathetic, I’ve never even talked to him in person, but I really like him.

He has my email address, but can’t accept until he comes home, I don’t know how long he’s going to be away for.

But, I don’t know if I want him to know who I am. I mean, he seems really nice when I’ve been talking to him, but I don’t know if he’s one of this guys who only likes the girls who are practically perfect.

I mean, I talk to him about music on the blog – he likes EXACTLY the same bands that I like. And he’s put that he likes girls who have a decent music taste, but I just don’t want to tell him who I am if he only likes girls, as I’ve said, who are perfect.


Guitar Lessons: Do You Need Experience To Study At The Royal Academy Of Music?

I know it probably sounds silly but I’m really really interested in going there to study (btw I’m only 15 at the moment and in yr10 at school) … The only thing is I really can’t afford lessons in playing instruments and I can only play a tiny amount of the guitar

I’m interested I’m studying the violin or piano there but I can’t play them :( can you start from scratch at the academy ? I really want to persue a career in music from here and I don’t know if I have the opportunities. Thanks for any help in advance

What’s the best instrument to learn by myself?…?

Learn how to play the solo to Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters taught by Teague Purtell. To study guitar online with Teague visit: www.musiclearning.com

I’m wanting to learn a instrument BY MYSELF and in my own time when I want and when I get the chance I’m only 19 and when I’m not in work I’m napping because I work on a construction site so it’s gets exhausting sometimes :)
Any ideas is the guitar any good?
I did do guitar like 4-5 years back I can’t remember why I quit but then I have lessons with some teacher person
I just would like to say that I can play and instrument over than the triangle hehe.
Something I can learn by myself

I’d love to lean how to play the piano but I know that would be impossible by myself and without a piano ahaha but hey

Guitar Songs: I Need A Song To Sing And Learn On Guitar?

I play the guitar but i’m not very experienced. Are there any songs easy to play and easy to sing as i practise singing too :)
I’m a girl by the way, i don’t mind if the songs are by guys but a song that suits a medium kind of voice would be good, thanks! :)

Guitar Games: What Do I Do/get?

A daringly different treatment of the relationship between a brother and sister in Hindi films, the story deals with the strong bonds of love that exist between the subdued brother and the unconventional, bold, and strong willed sister

I have 5 weeks left of my summer holidays and I don’t know what to do for it.

My 2 friends are going on holiday next week so I will probably end up just in bed for 5 weeks unless I find something to do.

I was thinking of getting a video game (XBOX/PC/GC) or a video games console.

Maybe a new bass guitar?

Any ideas?
I already play guitar.

Guitar Games: Is There Anything I Can Do?

“Back on the Chain Gang” is a single by The Pretenders released in November 1982. The song was also released on The King of Comedy soundtrack album (March 1983) and later included on The Pretenders’ next album Learning to Crawl in January 1984. It reached number five on the US Billboard Hot 100 (the band’s highest charting US single), number four on Billboard’s Top Tracks chart and number 17 in the United Kingdom. The song was originally going to be about Ray Davies, leader of the band The Kinks. Hynde and Davies were a couple and had a daughter together, but the meaning of the song changed after James Honeyman-Scott, the Pretenders guitarist, died of a drug overdose at the age of 25 in 1982. The memorable chain-gang chant heard during the chorus of the song echoes a similar chant on Sam Cooke’s song “Chain Gang.” (p) 1982 Sire Records (c) 2009 Warner Bros Records (c) 2009 Warner Music Group www.sirerecords.com | http

So my father a little while back was asking me what I’d wanted for my birthday, normally I’d have said I’d like one of the latest releases of games or something similar but as I aged my interest in games dropped, I got a guitar a few years back for christmas, along with an amplifier which I have taken a lot of interest in, joined a load of bands and I play it very frequently, so naturally I said I would like a guitar. My dad then asked me again a few days later with an option, he said I could “upgrade” to a Yamaha Pacifica “pro” which I denied on the pure basis of it being a bad guitar, the one I had was already a Yamaha pacifica, and I’m not really into the “classic” genre whatsoever, so I did some snooping around and found a BC Rich Warlock for £160 which he refused to buy, because he couldn’t pay on a monthly basis, and for a while he insisted that he would not buy it, fair enough you can’t pay it monthly. Regardless it took some very hard convincing from both my mother & I in order to get him to agree to purchasing the guitar, but we finally got him to agree under the condition that because it was an upfront payment of £160 I would not get a lot for Christmas, I agreed.. It was roughly a week before my birthday, and he went online to the link I had provided him with in order to purchase the guitar, to find it was out of stock, so generously he asked me if I would like to perhaps get a pair of jeans and wait for the guitar to return before he purchases it, I agreed but said if I were to find something else I would ask you to buy it instead of, unfortunately I didn’t, my birthday passed (Which was awful for other reasons) and December arrived, the guitar was still not back in stock, so I did some more snooping around and found a 7-string for roughly the same price, so I sent him the link and asked him to buy this instead, they didn’t have the money lying around as they’d just purchased an £800 DSLR Camera for themselves, so I could use it for my photography course. So they said they’d buy it a week before Christmas, but it too, went out of stock. And if he did buy it now, it wouldn’t arrive until March next year.
However, yesterday my Father fell into a blind rage and stormed into the lounge holding a stick he uses to close the curtains, he was aggressively waving it around at me, as if he was going to hit me, I personally thought he was going to beat me with it, when I was cleaning my room as he asked I froze up in fear as he entered, regardless he said that I would not be getting the guitar, no money or anything else for my birthday. Leaving me with a pair of jeans.
But if you read up the agreement was that I Wouldn’t get much for Christmas, I was forced into getting a shared gift with my sister because it was convenient which I disregarded because I was getting the guitar, but now I’m no-longer getting the guitar and the majority of what small gifts I would get is a shared gift I don’t particularly want. So I feel I’ve been cheated, for the standard of music I play and equipment needed, the stuff I have looks like I bought it from McDonald’s.

I was just curious if there’s anything I can do about it, before you all start saying I should be grateful for having a pair of jeans bought etc etc. I am grateful, I also hate my father and there are many other complex reasons, I’m not the worst in the world, but from all the people I know I’m the worst, there are worse out there, and I’m 100% sure people consider themselves lucky to even get a cake on their birthday, fortunately I am not one of those people, I am grateful I do get a cake, and grateful for the gifts provided, but my father and I in the last year have had many up’s and down’s and to end on a simple square: I hate him and he does not like me.

So back to the original question: Is there anything I can do? I feel cheated.
@ Alan, I did not state it was a right, what my father did was agree to purchase me a gift, and then steal that from me. Whether or not you would have me in your house is entirely down to you, or spend good money on you. If you were in my disposition you would too be asking this question.

Guitar Games: Men: Do You Think A Girl 16 Yrs Younger Than You Is Too Little An Age Difference For A Happy Marriage?

Hi :)

Im a 20 yr old college student, and I have fallen in love with a guy 16 years older than me (36).

My dream is to marry a mature Japanese man with black hair/brown eyes, thin face, reading glasses, and a thick accent (I have a fetish for this specific type of guy). I want him to be nice, perverted, funny, and relaxing…and I want to make his life as much happiness as I can.

*__* My dream is to give him lots of hugs and kisses, dress up for him, cook him good meals, make sure i notice his achievements, buy him small gifts, give him massages/sex a lot, and make sure I always show my love for him! It may sound like I would be stalkerish, but he could go out with friends whenever, and not have to worry about me getting mad or checking up with him…I like alone time (Im an only child so I like playing jazz guitar solos, drawing, and playing games like Elder’s Scrolls, Fallout, and Xbox Live ^__^) And I always want to be young enough for him~I don’t want him to see me grow old with him…I always want to bring light to his life, which is why I don’t want to marry someone my age!

Anywho, sorry for the long list of details~ Im not even that chatty in real life haha. But…I would say I am good looking and I think men are like fine wine, but I dont’ want him to be so old he will die too early on me. 😛 I think it is awkward mentioning this here, but in case someone mentions I “only have one goal,” or something, I have many such as starting my own company, graduating college as a polyglot, and traveling the world

Im just wondering if 16 years seems like a big enough age gap in the long-run. >:)

Thank you so much! 😀
ah yes, perverted japanese guys are the best >.< thank u for the answers so far everyone! i really appreciate it :3 i shud have been more clear tho in that i am actually very independent, and i prefer separate groups of friends~;) In real life I am a very mature person. I work, go to school, manage a business organization etc…But frankly this is the internet so~:/ Kate, please stop copying and pasting the same answer for all my questions. I think the one who needs to grow up is you. :)