zacky vengeance… guitar?

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kick @ss guitarist, self taught… started learning at 13….if i get lessons when im 15 will it be possible for me to get as good as him or pretty good by the time im 17?

random Q… but im bored…


  1. CElliott says:

    Im sure it will take alot of practice. sometimes your just naturally good at something, and he obviously was.he worked very hard to get to where he is today.
    I never understood playing the guitar in music class or any music instrument, never caught on to the notes etc.
    if every guitar was like the guitar hero guitar i could so do it LOL

  2. samantha! says:

    if you work hard

  3. Winter says:

    To Get As Good As Zacky It wil probably Take ALOT of practice, because he is really good.