Best Acoustic Guitar: Yamaha APX500II Or CPX500II Electro-acoustic Guitar?

Lately I stumbled across an unplugged version of this beautiful song by Sting and put it in favs. After listening to it several times I tried to make up a fingerstyle arrangement. It’s kind of easy though a bit stretchy in some parts but the hardest thing was to keep it going and let it flow and of course to remember all the different parts. ;-))) Hope you will like it!

I’m torn! I’ve tried then both out (briefly) in my local music store and as expected I found the APX much easier to play and generally found it much more comfortable. However, the CPX (as expected!) has a much bassier and louder sound with deeper tones.

I’ll be moving to uni accommodation shortly and generally need a sturdy, all round guitar for playing in my room, maybe with flat mates depending if they play too! I play mainly rock and also fingerstyle, with occasional tapping and slide, but I wish to learn more blues and improve soloing over time.

Do you think I put the extra bit of money in for the CPX or stick with the APX due to it’s playability. I’ve not heard either through an amp in person, and videos from YouTube don’t do them any justice. I have been told the APX sounds much better than the CPX when plugged in though!

The salesman at the shop recommended the CPX as it has a better acoustic deep tone when not plugged in compared to the APX, but with my main priority being playability, I think this may have been an effort to make me purchase the more expensive of the two.

In short:
-Need a sturdy guitar for multiple styles
-Mainly not plugged in
-Great playability
-Suitable for solos

What do you think? APX or CPX? Or perhaps even a different electro-acoustic altogether? Please leave your thoughts :)


  1. Mikey, just Mikey says:

    If you stick with guitar long enough you’ll someday come to understand that a bass-heavy sound basically sucks. What you should be looking for is a balanced tonal range.