Guitar Hero Games: XBox360 Pro Or The Elite?

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Well, I’m getting an xBox360 soon and I am not sure whether I want the Pro or Elite.
I will be pretty new to the xBox360 itself, but I have played it before with friends though.
I just don’t know much.I would like to know the difference about the two, except the fact that they have diff. hard drive and diff. color.

Is one better for different TV’s?
What is the red ring of doom?

Im not looking to play a huge range of games, maybe games like; CoD Modern Warfare 2, Tekken 6 & Guitar Hero, which I would download songs for.

I am wanting the Elite for the color, but not so much the 120GB hard drive.

So really which would be better for me?
I live in Australia and the xBox360 Pro is still being sold in eb games.


  1. Niku says:

    well the pro isnt made anymore, all they have is the elite or the arcade. and i wouldnt get the arcade cuz it barley has any memory so id get the elite if i was u

  2. •cዠረoe niርፀረረ• says:

    Ive got the elite and my friend has the pro. Out of both of them we think the elite is best, Ive had my xbox for almost a yr now and haven’t got the red ring. I also have quite a small tv but the picture is good.The 120gb is good for downloading things of the marketplace if you have gold/silver.