Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would I Get For This Xbox And A Wii Im Looking To Get A PS3 And Which One?

I have everything the xbox came with and its an elite with a 120gb hardrive plus 3 controllers. then i have a wii with everything. for games on xbox i have: modern warefare 2, black opps, assassins creed brotherhood, need for speed hot persuit, ufc 2010, the orange box, dance dance revolution with 2 pads, guitar hero 5 with 2 guitars. then for the wii i have: an extra controller with the nunchuk, tiger woods 08, super smash bros, wii play and wii playground.
im looking to trade it in at gamestop


  1. MartianAmbassador says:

    I think the Xbox bundle could sell for $ 300-400 dollars or so. I wouldn’t find the Wii very valuable though, considering that you only have one good game for it.