Guitar Hero Games: How Much Will My Xbox Sell For?

well i want to get the new halo reach console and im 180 dollars short. i was planning on selling my old xbox well not that old i got it this year about 4 months ago.heres a list of the things i am trying to sell.
-Xbox 360 Arcade Jasper No Hardrive
-Nyko Charge Base
-3 Microsoft Controllers
-Nyko Intercooler
-Gears of War 2
-Madden 08
-Guitar Hero 3/ World Tour w/ drumset and guitar
-Camo Headset
so how much can i get out of it/ wat would you pay for it. the rest im keeping like the hard drive to transfer some other games i have downloaded in it and my cod game collection PS xbox includes GS 1yr warranty


  1. Michael Chicken says:

    at least 350-400.. put it on ebay and u might get more!!

  2. bärsm says:

    You should get more than 180.

  3. dave says:

    maybe 250-300