Guitar Hero Games: What Xbox Game Should I Get.?

I already have gears of war 2,call of duty 5,Bioshock,Guitar hero 4&5
I love these games but im getting extremely bored of them could someone suggest a good game


  1. Vodkaqueen says:

    resident evil 5
    assassins creed

  2. supernatural rocks says:
  3. Hero says:

    i have bioshock, scary game i would recommend getting mass effect not that expensive anymore and is a great game but if you dont care abou the game far cry 2 or fallout 3, if you want to wait a few days godfather 2 is coming out aswell

  4. Gav336 says:

    try GTA IV

  5. RosieLuvsU_U_AreBeautiful!:) says:

    circumcision of the apes 3d
    sold at Curry’s

  6. ryebread fantastic says:

    orange box
    unreal tournament
    pop cap arcade, the one w/ the full version of zuma
    halo 3
    dark sector

  7. No stars, No answers, No fans says:


  8. Bobsy says:

    Resident Evil 5
    Army of Two
    Sonic Unleashed

  9. Gamer Kitten says:

    Ninja Gaiden 2, Castle Crashers, Too Human, Beautiful Katamari.

  10. alanholmes2000 says:

    PGR4 if you fancy trying out a racing game.