Guitar Hero Games: XBox 360: Which XBox 360 Would You Recommend For Me?

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I’d mostly be playing Halo and Guitar Hero on the XBox along with other games but I was wondering would the XBox 360 Premium 20GB be enough or should I go for the 60GB?

Also I’ve found prices for them and the difference is only £10

The XBox 360 Premium 20GB is £159.99 and the XBox 360 Premium 60GB is £169.99
My brothers got a PS3 so theres no point in having 2 in 1 house =P
Also, the reason I’m buying an XBox is cause I want to play halo (:


  1. RSage says:

    ive got the premium, theres no real difference but the extra space comes in handy with saving music, new games or downloadable content

  2. John T =D says:

    If its a tenner difference just get the 60 gig one dude
    I have the 20 and play those games and i have alot left but that deal is worth it by far

  3. Ott3r says:

    An Elite is the best way to go because they have better reliability (30% less chance of getting RRD)

  4. Michael C says:

    I would spring for the extra to get the 60GB. The 20GB were replaced by the 60GB a while back. So if you get a 60GB you will get one that has been made more recently.

    Don’t listen to the guy saying elites are more reliable. The internals of the elite and pro are identical.

  5. Tom says:

    Don’t buy one. Get A PS3 For £249.99 And It Doesn’t break in 6 months.

  6. D-Rock says:

    Neither. The XBox 360 comes with only one thermal cooler and quite often you will get the “ring of death” red lights on your console meaning the system is failing and won’t boot the hard drive. You then have to pay S&H to send it in to be fixed under warranty, and even then they only replace the thermal cooler instead of adding another one, which is what they should do. Yes it’s more expensive but buy a PS3, you won’t have these issues. Also having an innercooler attachment (aftermarket) helps prevent these issues from happening, but at the price for the XBox plus an innercooler you might as well buy a PS3, free online gaming, no overheating, no ring of death, better graphics…it’s worth the price, by far.