Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would I Get For This Xbox 360 Bundle?

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I am currently selling my premium xbox 360 as I am upgrading to PC gaming.
The bundle consists of the normal white xbox 360 console.
120gb elite hardrive
1 white wireless controller
1 plug and charge kit (madcats brand)
1 plug and play kit (official xbox)
1 Wireless mic
CoD: WaW
CoD 4: Modern Warfare
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Assassins Creed
Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero 5 (with Drumkit, wireless guitar, wired vocals mic all compatible with the Guitar Hero series)
All set up for xbox Live (not banned)
I also have a turtle beach x11 avaliable.

Any ideas on how much I would get?


  1. Jinny Jinna says:

    yes ive seen a lot of packages like these on ebay. i would pay about £400 for this including post and packaging. email me if you want to make a deal.

  2. CoOkIe MuTaNt says:

    If you traded in at like gamestation or somewhere £300-£500 iff you sell on ebay thennn i would buy for £500+

  3. sgtnight2000 says:

    EASY OVER CLOSE TO $ 600.00 TO $ 800.00 always aim high

  4. klister says:

    I think that it would get you about £300-£450 Maybe £500 tops, but it depends on how you sell it. I’d sell on ebay and put the console 1 game and Headset together then sell all the other stuff separate.

  5. snuff hunter says:

    if you sell it to game or gamestation you would only get £100- £150 roughly for it, due to the shop has to make a profit on everything it buys,

    if you sell it private on ebay you should get about £200-£250 for it

    if that guy offers you £400 for it, TAKE IT, and say thank you and run away due to you have just robbed the guy silly,