Guitar Hero Games: How Much Do You Think I Can Get For An Xbox 360 Arcade And Some Other Accessories?

Ok so I have an old Xbox 360 Arcade, everything works fine, it’s just that if there’s no disc in the driver you’ll have to keep pushing the button to open, and I also have a 14 gb hard drive I believe and a whit control and a black Xbox elite control, Battlefield 3 ( with both discs) the following games I have don’t have cases but work perfectly fine: Sega Superstars Tennis, F.E.A.R, The Outfit, PGR3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Street Fighter IV, Lego Batman, Pure, Surf’s Up, and I Guitar Hero World Tour ( Original Guitar And Drums & microphone.
And kind of good estimates are appreciated. Thanks :)


  1. Jeff says:

    180 maybe. Just an estimate.

  2. Kurt M says:

    Depends on the condition of the hardware like the Xbox and the drums, guitar and so on. BF3 is probably worth 40$ used alone and the force unleashed is fairly new and popular. I’d say the dealing is around 200$ but I wouldn’t go less that 150$ depending if everything is in good shape.