Guitar Lessons: What Am I Doing Wrong?

Baisically I’m trying to teach myself to play the guitar and I’m getting sort of used to it but I’m really stuck, whenever I put my fingers on the strings to play a chord when I strum the guitar it’s mute it doesn’t make a sound no matter how light or hard I press on the strings, I’ve never had lessons and can’t afford them so that really isn’t an option, once I know what I’m doing wrong I think I’ll be fine with the rest !


  1. lalala;3 says:

    I honestly don’t know what you could be doing wrong besides not pressing them done hard enough. Try pressing down one string then pick that one string. If it works add another finger pick that one. If it works add another until you have formed a chord then pick each string individually, and if they are sound right strum. That should work unless you’re strumming wrong? If you’re strumming with yours hands and not a pick make sure you are using your nails instead of like where the skin is, if that makes any sense. I hope this helped! Also look up scales on youtube, and practice them. They really help! Trust me. Good luck! xD

  2. Wayne T says:

    Are you pressing down right behind the fret? If you are not close enough to the fret, or if your finger is right on the fret, it won’t sound right.

  3. ? says:

    While your playing the chord make sure that you are keeping your fingers off the open strings or they will be muted and also press down hard on the frets that you have your fingers then strum and it should sound okay