Guitar Games: What Should I Write In My Twitter Bio?

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i am making my twiiter account at the minute but i dont know what to write in my bio, i want to mention that i love playing guitar and piano, that i like the hunger games and christina grimmie and rihanna (both singers) i also want something catchy so people will follow me? thanks :)


  1. kjcadhfkjdafhgs says:

    Things about yourself, perhaps?

  2. Aaron says:

    Write “#Swagster. McDonalds by day, DJ by night. #BornWinner. In it Ta Win it. Going places! Beat that beat Bra! #SuperSwag #Swag^2 Premature ejacualtion” LOL

  3. Jester says:

    basically everything you told us….your age and name might help also..
    say you own a koala….that might get followers..