Guitar Songs: How Do You Write Songs Without Expiriencing Anything Worth Writing About?

Hi there. I’m 13 and I’d like to try song-writing. I love music and play piano, guitar, flute, recorders and sing. I’ve heard that you should write about what you know. Unfortunately, being 13, I haven’t really done much living which means that I havent had many experiences which are song writing material.
Do you have any suggestions to how I could get around this obstacle?


  1. Hugh Jass says:

    ask the pop skanks i.e. kesha, lady gaga etc

  2. JackHoleJaike says:

    Just try writing instrumentals to start. Maybe you will hear certain words in the music inside ur head which could lead to complete lyrics.

  3. ♫ Kuku Kajoob says:

    View someone else’s life or society in general, and go that route.
    People do it all the time in those socially conscious songs.
    This reminded me of my brother trying to write a blues song once.
    Only thing he could think of that he had the blues about,
    was having to take videos back to Blockbuster.. that day. LOL
    So, its a must to look at others, when you have nothing to draw from.

  4. Mike says:

    Write songs about places you’ve been to, People you’ve met, Your Family.