Guitar Lessons: How To Write A Song, Without A Instrument?

this is a super sweet guitar lesson

well, i’d like to write my own song, but i can’t play the guitar. I can sort of play the piano, but i never had any proper lessons and I can’t afford any extra lessons. Fortunatelly i know the basic music stuff, and i’m a grade 3 violin player.


  1. hotelmikemikemike says:

    There are some good writing assistants for computers ..My friend uses Mac stuff

  2. RadicalRonni:]<3* says:

    This is SO the PERFECT question I can answer!!

    Ever written a poem? Read it out loud! Now, put some kind of a beat to it. Sing your poem! Now, if it’s short and less than three stanzas (Kind of like paragraphs but in poetry), you might want to write more…. Write a chorus. Organize is however you like, what ever sounds good. Whether two chorses in a row sounds good or not. Sing your final copy and BOOM! You’ve written a song!

    Did you know that some guitar players have no idea how to read guitar tabs? They just know what sounds good! Try that!

    Lots of Luck to you my friend!