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im 15 and just realised 2 days ago and now that i think the world is fake due to if what we see is an illusion or not. My arguments are that my mind can never be blank i can close my eyes and see darkness but i always have music goin on in the backgorund of my mind and it is litteraly impossible to switch off also the other reasons might sound stupid that im about to point out but they matter to me. Another one is that im a gamer nerd and i always play guitar hero and recently when i play it for even 10 minutes my eyes get blurry though when i was younger that didnt happen neither does it hapen to other games. Another is that ive become more emotionall lately to anime and have been watching romantic love episodes in anime and it just make me want to live in there world because here everything doesnt seem right like why my health has never changend in my entire life ive never gotten fitter or fatter only more depressed. Also dreams seem realistic to me cause i had a dream once where at the end i fell of a tall building and before i hit the floor i woke up and what i beleive is that dreams are real because think about when ur in ur dreams when u touch something it feels real so thats why i think that if tour about to get hurt in a big way you wake up. Finally whats the point of life, me, you and realness anf fakeness if we all end up dying.

Please someone help me I dont know wats real anymore if theres anyone out there that has this same problem tell me cause at the moment all i want to do is see if wen we die if we get to choose were and were we live again cause all i want to do is live in an anime world and have a deep pashinet relationship with a girl


  1. Mia Smith says:

    consult with a physchologist