Guitar Songs: Who Are Some Women That Play The Electric Guitar?

Not like metal players or anything….

Just women that play the electric guitar, like KT Tunstall etc…

I wanna learn some songs on my electric guitar but dunno what to learn :(


  1. Chris says:

    Halestorms singer. She’s rather attractive too. Check out the song Love Bites.

  2. Heyitsdes says:

    Joan Jett

  3. STEWART SMITH says:

    check out warpaint

  4. tabi says:

    Jess Lewis she’s only 16 too and she’s beast!
    you’ll love her

  5. vtd288 says:

    Susan Tedeschi
    PJ Harvey
    Liz Phair
    Neko Case

  6. Travoiz says:

    Nancy Wilson

  7. Ethan says:

    im not sure if you would like her but i saw policia and another alstralian girl (i think her band was called “quiet drive”?) check them out :) saw live preformances and they were pretty good lol besides when they stopped playing music D: but tool played at the end of the day and also dave mathews band so i had an awesome time 😛

  8. belle17 says:

    Orianthi, she’s awesome! That’s all I know =/

  9. Lily says:

    Nancy Wilson is from the band Heart. Her sister, Anne, is the lead singer.

    Korey Cooper of Skillet is one of their guitarists. She is the sister of the lead singer John Cooper. Below is a link to their Comatose Comes Alive DVD.

  10. ηєνєя gινє ιη says:

    Cherri Bomb is an all-girl rock band and they’re fantastic! Their guitar players are Julia Pierce and Miranda Miller. As for songs to learn, check out some of theirs from their new album, This Is The End Of Control.