Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would My Wii Be Worth?

wii system, 4 controlers, 2 nunchucks, 4 grips(1 for nunchuck), rockband(whole set), guitar hero(guitar included), mario galaxy, rapala fishing, wii sport, wii play, rockband trackpack 1, and a few more, classic controler, 5 games on console(donkey kong 64, donkey kong, punch out, star fox, zelda ocarina of time), internet channel, check me out channel, stock wii stand, lightup neon with intercooler fan stand.


  1. Stephen says:

    Look on eBay for a recently sold Wii configured as yours is. If you are lucky, there will have been several sales.

    That’s the easiest and quickest way to establish what it’s worth.

  2. lol9340 says:

    like 250 or 300 add up the vaule new and dived it in half that is generally a good way to seel it

  3. maplian says:

    Well Virtual Console games don’t count so try to think, how many disk games?(generally $ 5-$ 25) remotes, maybe 7.50-10, wii, 150 – 200, and the stand goes with the wii. so maybe 300, 325

  4. Bob says:

    well the system and 4 controlers/ 2nunchucks should be around 250-300$ alone. plus rockband and guitar hero- add another 100$ . Plus another 100$ for your other games. and 10-15$ for your downloaded games. and finally add around 15$ for your your stands.

    I would say that all your wii stuff would add up to around 500$ But in these tough times you never know if people will buy it. You may be better off selling it all separately.

    Do not sell it to gamestop because they only give you about half as much money as they should. I would sell it on ebay or craigslist to get a fair price.

    good luck 😉