Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would These Wii Things Sell For At Game Or Ebay?

Nintendo wii
4 wii remotes
2 motion sensors
3 nunchucks
3 racing wheels
1 gun for wii remote and nunchuck
guitar hero world tour set
1 guitar hero guitar
4 wii remote grips
Rayman raving rabbids
Mario strikers charged football
wii fit and wii fit balance board
007 quantum of solace
the Simpson game
legend of zelda: twilight princess
wii sports
wii sports resort
guitar hero 3: legends of rock
f1 2009
family ski and snowboard
super smash bros brawl
Mario kart
harry potter and the half-blood prince
tom Clancy’s splinter cell double agent
need for speed pro-street
pirates at the Caribbean at worlds end


  1. Pauline says:

    Not much.
    You can search on Game for trade-in prices
    You can search on Ebay for “Completed Items” to gauge the market.

  2. Beakho-Shi says:

    Hmm, I would say about 450.
    Start the bidding at .99 at watch the bidding

  3. Paul says:

    mate that is a lot of wii stuffdon’tnt go to game they will rip you off. Ipossiblebe sell on ebaSEPARATELYEY. and buy a console. Be sure to label them second habd. If you wanna know the spacific proce go to ebay and type each one in and click second hand