Guitar Hero Games: Wii Problems Help Please! And Wii Not Wee :P?

Basically whenever I turn on my wii it works for about a minute while making weird noises and then it ends “blah blah eject and restart.”
but it always does that and has for months i’ve tried cleaning the CD to damn screaming at it..
sometimes games work e.g guitar hero and sometimes I start playing then it comes up with “Please eject blah blah switch off and on!”

What should I do?
pleeeeeeeeeeeaseee help such a waste of money!


  1. Float_My_boat says:

    eject the cd

  2. Vicky says:

    There might be a problem with the laser that reads the disks.
    You should ring the Nintendo hotline, they will sort it out for you and are very helpful and will talk you through what to do whilst on the phone.

    Their number is.. 08706060247