wii game problems….?

Linkin Park new album. A thousand Suns. Also available for DLC for Guitar hero warriors of rock.

basically, my wii has gone wrong, i have loads of games but none of them work, they are in good condition and from england, so not american games. my wii is from england. i insert the game and it either will start the game and then say something like “can’t read disc check wii operation manual” or just say that there is no game. it’s really pissing me off because its a huge waste of money, half of them i have only had for a week. the games that don’t work are….
animal crossing:lets go to the city
guitar hero
wii sports
wii play
harvest moon
mario kart
wii music
theres some more but have forgotten. about 3 games do work but they’re crap. do i have to buy a new wii?
thanks xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Jon says:

    they have a cleaner for the disc drive. try buying it

  2. J__A says:

    Make sure you are inserting them in the right way round or contact Nintendo and get your Wii fixed.