Guitar Hero Games: How Much Can I Get For My Wii?

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Hey there, i want to sell my Wii as i want a PS3 or the new Final Fantasy game, and all my friends have a PS3 and i want to play with them too. (a bit sad but oh well xD) ive been thinking about selling it for a while now, and want to know how much i may be able to get for it.

Nintendo Wii console (all leads and scart block)
Wii Sports
Guitar Hero Greatest Hits
Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero 5 ( Iilike guitar hero as you can tell d=)
Wii Play
One Wii remote
One Nunchuk
Rock Band
Guitar Hero World Tour controller
Rock Band Guitar Controller

Thanks For your help! ^.^
english money btw


  1. Brigette Rose says:

    well for wii stuff you would definately get much more money if you sold it on ebay. it sells for a lot on ebay and its honestly not worth trading in at gamestop =/

  2. Xavier says:

    i’m guessin if u sell it to gamestop u wont get that much but if so u mite get at least 350$