Guitar Hero Games: How Much Do You Think I Could Get For My Wii?

Gameplay from Call of duty 6 (COD) Modern warfare 2

How much do you think i could ask on ebay for my Wii console. includes:
Wii Console
2 Controllers
2 Nun Chucks
Charging Station
Gun Attachment
Guitar Hero World Tour With Guitar
Wii Fit With Board
and Games:
Lego Batman
Mario Striker Charged Football
Wii Play
Super Mario Galaxy
Tiger Woods 09
House Of Dead 2&3
Mario And Sonic At The Olympic

Thanks For Your Help


  1. hmblmr says:

    £150-£200 obv its used

  2. N F says:

    around 450 – 500 bucks

  3. Sarah J says:

    im not sure but sell your games seperatly you’ll get more money instead of selling them as a bulk lot