Guitar Games: Ever The Wierd Kid In School?

Movie Star Jack Black proves he’s larger than life as he breaks out the guitar for an impromptu jam session and shows the boys how to juggle everything from live poultry to the kitchen sink!Watch Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel! Play games and watch full length episodes of Phineas and Ferb at Click the SUBSCRIBE button to get notification when new Disney Channel videos are posted!

Im going To Be Finishing High School Soon And Its Got Me Thinking About The Fact That When I Joined School I Was A Little Skinny Nerdy Kid Who Was Obcessed With Metal,Star Wars,Guitar And Games (Very Much The Same As I Am Now) And How Being The Weird Kid With My Best Friend Basically Made Me one Of The Most Popular Kids In Our Year Which Is Wierd Anyone Had The Same Experiance?


  1. kRaZy♥KiLlEr♥KaT♥ says:

    Ummm. I’m the weird kid, but I just get ignored. People think I do drugs, and they are a little scared of me. Whatever, kids bug me anyways. They’re all very immature.

  2. Rich says:

    Not me, but it sounds interesting. Good luck*

  3. alan h says:

    Sratring every word with a capital is weird, yes.