What’s a reasonable value of a Takamine F307S acoustic guitar in good condition about 20 years old?

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  1. romy says:

    Two new keyboards with no strings attached !!!

  2. Bedmechanic says:

    I’d pay a good few hundred £s for it if it was in good shape but at this time have too many guitars as it is.

  3. H says:

    Having looked across the web I’ve seen it referred to as a “Pre-Law Suit Martin Copy”. I’m assuming it is very similar to a particular Martin Guitar Model. This gives it a bit of kudos, and therefore a bit of rarity value. I’d say keep it, get back into playing it and fight the urge to get rid, especially as it’s been with you for 20 years. I’ll never sell my first guitar, I don’t care if it becomes one of a kind and is worth millions, it’s my first guitar!

    At pure guess I’d estimate £350 – £500 if it includes an original hard case.