What’s better: PS2, Xbox 360 or PS3?

I’m highly overdue for a new gaming console as I still own and PLAY my PS1 lol.

I’m planning on asking my parents for either a PS2, Xbox 360 or PS3.

I’m pretty attached to PS2 having played that whereas I didn’t like the Xbox original. I haven’t played 360 or PS3 but I’ve read some bad reviews of PS3.

What really concerns me is:
a) the price
b) the range of games on it
c) graphics/sound
d) easy use

In that order really.

The type of games I like are Strategy/Simulation really as well as a few others. Games I was thinking of getting is TRU (Tomb Raider Underword) GH4 (Guitar Hero World Tour) and Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. I’m pretty sure that Fahrenheit/IP only came out on PS2 and Xbox/360.

I’ve more or less decided I want a PS2 (unless you can convince me otherwise) but my main question is can you recommend it over the others and will future games keep coming out on PS2 for a few years?

I hope that made sense lol.

Cheers. xD
Can you give reasons why lol. xD


  1. JoJo says:

    xbox 360 x

  2. Philip says:

    ps2 = waste of money

    just get a ps3 or xbox 360.

    the ps2 is pointless of buying unless your a 6 years old.

  3. WelshLad says:

    I still have my PS2, but since they have upgraded to a PS3, I wouldn’t bother with a PS2 and besides you can still play PS2 games on a PS3.

    As to which to get out of Xbox 360 or a PS3 – I don’t know cause I haven’t played on either them.

  4. Manas says:

    I recently had the same dilemma. I got the Xbox 360.
    Would say that for me the 360 was just perfect.
    Great variety of games with HD support.
    Also the benefit of playing Xbox games.
    The PS2 is gr8 console for those who luv Japanese RPGs cause there are tons of such titles for the PS2.
    If u want the 6 axis controller xperience then maybe the PS3.
    However I’m not sure if PS2 games can be run on the PS2.
    I would recommend u go for the Xbox 360 since it gives the most value for money & the games also cost a bit less than the PS3 versions.

  5. Robert T says:

    xbox 360.
    it’s cheap now..(199$ )
    the graphics.
    and it has a good service…

  6. Samuel A says:

    Xbox is the best! It’s the most popular and its just brilliant!

  7. Wes K says:

    PS2 is a waste if you buy it sure your getting a console with probably the largest library of games ever but its also a dying system 8 games are set to releaze between know and march.

    Sony is gettign ready to kill off the PS2 so why buy a dying system?

    I would go with a XBOX 360 it has the largest library of current generation games. if you have high speed internet then you can use xbox live which blows PS3’s online system out of the water.

    A. Price – And if price is a factor then consider this you can buy a brand new PS2 for 129.99 (which is a dying system) which has 1 wired controller no game and no memory card

    or you can buy a brand new XBOX 360 arcade (no hard drive) for 199.99. So for $ 70 dollars more you get a current generation system, wireless controller, memory card and right now 2 games with it. And if you get one with a hard drive and play online there is a ton of original xboa games you can play on it

    PS3 is still at least 359.99 and none of the new ones support backwards compatibility.

    B.Range of games – If you looking at the library then obvivously PS2 dominates since it has been around 10 years

    Xbox 360 comes in second though and PS3’s library is still growing

    C. Graphics and sound well …PS2 loses this hands down like i said 10years old. the PS3 and 360 both have top notch graphics and sound with some games being better for one and some better for others

    D. ease of use – PS2 is beyond simple, XBOX360 is very easy to use also the guides on LIVE are a bit hard to navigate at first but easy to learn. The PS3 is horrible since most every gaem it wants to install to the hard drive before even allowing you to play it

  8. dhansfrench says:

    ¬°XBOX 360!

  9. wombatwolf says:

    If you liked Indigo prophecy, you may just want to automatically go with the PS3, since Heavy Rain is coming out for the PS3 only, which is the spiritual successor to Indigo.

    The reviews that you have read are from when it first came out. It wasn;t that good. Now it’s really, really good.

    As of now, the PS3 is 400$ .

    If you tell your parents to sign up for a playstation credit card, it knocks 150$ off. Now it’s the price of the wii.

    Also, if you’re willing to pay a little bit more, you can order some old PS3 models that can also play PS2 games, so you’ll have 2 in one. But you can only get those online now.

  10. ouch! says:

    all xbox 360’s get’s the red ring of death! basically it break’s down because they all over heat fact google it.

    PS3 has blu ray games & they can hold up to 54gb meaning bigger & better game’s awesome graphic’s while 360 can only hold 8gb So obviously will never be as good,plus most game’s if not all on 360 are compressed to fit on the hd dvd being only (8gb) they strip down alot of game’s to fit on a 360 disc(gta4,Mirrors edge) so it had smaller areas & missing levels PS3 has the lost because of blu ray.

    When Sony bring out game’s using the full potential power of the PS3, 360 will look so outdated in terms of graphic’s, By the way the PS3 is using way less than HALF it’s power at the moment & it still has better graphic’s than 360!

    360 need’s that many addon’s & extra’s that it cost’s way more than the PS3.

    PS3 has everything built in ready to go & it has motion sensor control like the wii! control pads are same as PS2 apart from motion sensor & they are bluetooth,charge by usb.

    360 take batteries in there huge controllers & they are heavy they are infra red.

    360 you have to pay a yearly Fee to play game’s online.

    PS3 has free online gaming & a free internet browser 360 don’t even have a web browser & it’s microsoft!

    maximum players online at once on a 360 is 16 players & it cut’s out all the time You have to pay for that!

    PS3 has 60 player online resistance 2 & runs perfectly all FREE.
    Soon will be 256 player’s online!

    PS3 has so many exclusives, 360 only has halo & gears of war basically 90% of 360 game’s are war related!

    PS3 has so much variety for all age’s & that farenheit game you mentioned the same creators have an exclusive coming soon for the PS3 called heavy Rain.

    You can video/voice chat on the PS3 for free with friend’s text message them anytime it has a playstation store full of free demos & full games & media.

    Easy to use menus not like 360 menus all over the place looks a right mess.

    360 makes a grinding noise that loud when it’s turned you have to turn the tv up full blast to hear it!

    PS3 is so silent you don’t even know it’s on.

    you can link up to 7 controller’s on the PS3 compared to only 4 controllers on the 360.

    PS3 hardware is far superior to the 360’s, PS3 has 8 cells 360 only 3.

    PS3 has Home coming soon http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZY2vwlh5-g 360 has nothing of the sort.

    Overall PS3 make’s the 360 look like an age old console, fact!

    Watch these videos to help you decide.