What’s a nice chord to play instead of ‘F’ on guitar?

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My ‘F’ playing is crap and I don’t like the chord…any suggestions for a chord to replace it? Thanks! XXX


  1. James says:

    c? what a random question. it will depend what other chords you are playing.

    f isnt too hard. are you playing a barred f? it just takes practice

  2. Isaac H says:

    1st off – practice your F. You will get it sounding good eventually. If you plan to play a lot of guitar, you’re going to need a solid F chord. No use in just saying “I don’t like the chord”

    2nd – The only way to completely avoid playing F chords is to avoid playing in keys where the F is important (like the key of The keys of B flat major, C major, and F major are three examples.) If you are playing songs written in C or F, you’ll need to transpose them. Even then there will be some songs you just can’t play, so learning the F is by far the preferable option.

    3rd – in a pinch you can sometimes use D minor instead of F. It depends on the song but if the chord goes by fast enough, the Dm is enough to fake it.

  3. Music Man says:

    If you need a “F” chord you need a “F” chord. So work on playing a “F” chord. If the song calls for an “F” chord that is what is required. Changing it won’t work because you’ll change the song, and then it just wouldn’t be the song. You’ll need to use an “F” Chord eventually so just toughen up an do it. Music will always require a little practice.

  4. roughdiamond111 says:

    try this site>>http://www.cyberfret.com…..my favourite chord is e7flat9 jimi’s trademark:)sorry its an augmented 7sharp9 not e7flat9;)

  5. haribosweets says:

    Yeah, C is pretty nice!!! and can harmonise with other notes good too!

  6. sparkle says:

    Just practise your F chord, believe me it will get easier. It might not happen over night but it will be worth it. I had the same problem. Plus, it’ll be easier when it comes to harder chords.

  7. john g says:

    To avoid having to play the chord F, you need to get a ‘capo’, which is a clamp for the strings, effectively transposing the performance pitch.