Guitar Hero Games: Whats A Good Xbox 360 Game?

I own:
Fable II
Superman returns
Dynasty warriors 5 empires
Guitar hero and have played gears of war 2 ( so no need to tell me about this one)

Please give me details on a game and why you like it.


  1. Brendon Supra. says:

    Skate 1 or 2 is very cool, since it’s totally different and better (I think) than Tony Hawk’s pro skater. Check it out, rent it.

  2. DAZ4518 says:

    fallout 3, big open world and plenty to do and some new dlc coming soon!!

    Mercenaries 2, burning jungle in a huge open world with mini nukes, what’s more fun then that?

    Burnout paradise, power sliding through a city centre at 200mph, great fun

    just some game’s you may like?

  3. Jayce Cameron says:

    Hands down Halo 3 (FPS, my fav type of games)
    if you like guitar hero you may like Rock Revolution. Its the same idea except you can do a freestyle, which is good for the less musically inclined people. It also a different set of songs.
    Lastly I haven’t played much of it but the new FEAR out looks pretty damn good.

    Oh and maybe check out Mirror’s Edge previews to see if it’s something you would like.

  4. fazter says:

    Try Dead Space, a survival horror game with a great story. Although its not along the line of type of games that you’ve played but still its a cool game and not actually that scary. What I liked about it was the story it had and particularly how deep it was in terms of themes in it.

  5. gamerlord says:

    if you dont mind spending £150 then get rockband 1 or 2

    if you want something cheaper:

    halo 3
    far cry 2
    mercinaries 3
    saints row 2
    grand theft auto 4
    or any call of duty game

  6. Deadpulse says:

    If your into FPS then definitely have a look at the call of duty range, they provide hours of fun and are even better if you have xbox live.

  7. Seth C says:

    gears of war 2 it is awsome the violence the action the enimies and much much more to see in gears of war 2 it truely is the best action packed game and is the best game for xbox360 try to go to it tells you all about it.But they are comeing out with halo wars so untill…. they make the rateing on that gears of war 2 is the best to find out more about halo wars go here!!!!!!!!


  8. gopguyca says:

    As a 360 owner since launch as well as an owner of a PS3, Wii, and every other console/hand-held of the past two decades, I have a major beef with the 360 (Mostly MS as the 360 itself is top notch but MS has failed miserably in many regards… I’ve been through two RRODs, a replacement scratching discs, the mandated NXE, etc etc) but to remain on topic here I’ll leave it at that…

    Bioshock is a great game. It won Game of the Year if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure you heard of it and/or already own it or rented it but if not it’s a FPS but certainly not your regular, mind-less shooter. The visuals and environment and backstory really make this game top notch.

    Fallout 3 is another good game. Fable was a total disappointment like the first one was but if you enjoy the immersive RPG experience Fallout 3 may be for you. It plays best in first-person but you can go third. There are multiple, though not very unique, endings to the game so it has some replay value and the amount of freedom is unrivaled when it comes to non MMORPG games (excluding perhaps the original Harvest Moon). IF you played Oblivion its similar but obviously set in a different time under different circumstances. Oblivion itself is another good game but I would absolutely NOT recommend anyone buy it for the 360 as it suffers tremondous dips in frames and is inferior to the PC version in every regard. Fallout 3 holds itself well on the 360 and while the PC version will always be superior (Mods, better graphics) the 360 release is nothing to overlook, especially if, like myself, you prefer to play on the big screen and use a controller as opposed to mouse and keyboard.

    Bully is another great title for the 360. It was originally released on the PS2 and if you haven’t yet experienced it I easily recommend it. The 360 release comes with some minor additions to the missions and other aspects but the greatest addition is the improved graphics and higher resolution output, really, you could easily think this game was designed for the 360 as opposed to being a port. If you enjoy the GTA series this is a no brainer. The game by itself I would categorize as an action-rpg.

    Mass Effect is another stellar title. This is a sci-fi RPG that is loaded with dialogue. You can easily get lost in the immersion of this game and there is high replay value as can customize your character’s appearance and back story which can have different plot points. This game, imo, plays out much like a movie.

    GTA IV I’m sure you played or owned or at least familiar with. The game itself is great but pales in comparison to San Andreas. IV tends to scale back on many of the added features from SA and while of course IV is graphically superior (that’s a given) it feels much, much inferior to San Andreas but a great title no less.

    Gun is the last title I wish to recommend. It’s a great game due to the setting, the wild west, which isn’t experienced so often in video games. Graphics may seem a bit dated as it was an earlier title but not really and the gameplay itself is what you expect, no surprises here. Gun too I would label as an action-RPG. The developers hinted at a sequel some time ago, which I would love, but that may have been panned as the game didn’t sell as well as it should have which just makes it all that much better really as it’s a true, less known, classic.

    Also, if you enjoy (or rather enjoyed) The Simpsons, the Simpson’s Game on the 360 is a remarkably good game for being licensed, the gameplay isn’t as awkward as most of these types are and the voice acting and writing are pretty good.

    Edit —
    Almost forgot to mention Saint’s Row 2. As someone who played the first and then the sequel I was greatly disappointed. SR2 is set in the same city which before it’s release sounded cool as it was suppose to be some years later with everything changed and 40% larger… Totally not. The game felt entirely the same as the first and many of the bugs from the previous were present as well as the fun-at-first-but-then-totally-annoying physics. The greatest complaint I have towards SR2 is the radio stations. The stations all almost sound alike and the commercials seem to be totally absent as are the DJs, it feels very unreal. Worse part of it all: There is not CHAT RADIO. Chat radio is what really helps bring these types of games to life but there is no chat in SR2. The only real improvement here, imo, is the more advanced character-customization but that certainly isn’t worth a purchase. The game is also short and offers little replay value though it does have online support.

    Personally I would probably recommend Saint’s Row before SR2 as the first was really good and imo better than GTA IV, SR2 though fails to deliver. Perhaps buy one and rent the other or rent both and you tell me.

  9. mitch says:

    Halo 3 is a great game online and offline. It is great fun with friends.

    Another great game is Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare but it isn’t that great offline so you will want xbox live for this game.
    Call of Duty World at War is better offline than Call of Duty 4 in my opinion and is also fun online. I personally prefer Call of Duty when playing online. By the way these are all FPS ( First Person Shooter)

  10. Saif R says:

    Mass Effect is an amazing RPG, with crew mates that you can really connect with and get to know, seriously cool aliens, and an absolutely amazing story to tell. The last 3 hours of that game are pure epic goodness….