what’s you favourite console game on xbox 360?

Pat Benatar – Heartbreaker + lyrics (song from the game – Guitar Hero World Tour)

these are on other ones as well but mine is The Darkness
I also like Tomb Raider and Guitar Hero

what about you :)?

also can anyone recommend any really good games on xbox 360 or any of other console really,we have most of them in my house except for a PS3.
ohh and i pretty much get motion sickness which sucks because i love first person shooters and i just managed to suffer it through one hour plays of the darkness a day,so i haven’t really tried cod but i have halo 3 but haven’t played it much cause of the rapid camera movement lol.
i have a wii.


  1. James says:

    left 4 dead, madden 09, call of duty 5 world at war, gears of war 2

  2. KC Smacker says:

    For online experience i would suggest Halo3 or Call of Duty World at war as far as rpg offline games try fallout 3 or fable 2. fable is short but very unique. Also many people like Gears of War 2 but its not my fav.

  3. Mikethemanclord says:

    my favorite game is Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion (with all expansions)
    Halo 1,2,3
    Saints Row 1, 2
    Left 4 dead is also real good.

    godsmcak we are the same
    1250 achievements, all hail the champions of cyrodiil XD

  4. Ben says:

    well if you have a wii then you should get the mario game i forgot the name, smash brothers and zelda

    for the xbox 360 well i dont know if you like shooters but a non shooting game that is pretty good is fable 2 so get that one

    the ones i like the most are fallout 3, halo 3, gears of war 2, left 4 dead, rock band 2, madden 09 and call of duty 4

  5. flabbajackey says:

    cod 5 is really good and so is gears
    fable 2 is also gr8 but online isnt so good

  6. Scott P says:

    GTA IV

  7. darkdragonndawg says:

    i love guitar hero and gta IV and halo 3 but the game that is really good the best for me is gears of war 2 i recomend that 1

  8. Milk84 says:

    The Darkness is also a favorite of mine. I also love The Orange Box, Bioshock, and Gears of War.

  9. allisonperreault says:

    my boyfriend’s favorite is left for dead…. which unfortunately for me, he plays constantly :-(

  10. Obsessed says:

    Halo and Bioshock.

    Bioshock is a terrific game, kept me immersed and I didn’t sleep for ages!

    Halo online is cool.

  11. Alex says:

    xboxs suck get a Wii

  12. godsm4ck says:

    TESIV Oblivion

    my favorite game i got all achievements and addons too

  13. Upper90 says:

    Well, if you like shooter games, Gears of war 2 is a great game!! The camera movement is actually very slow, so you won’t get motion sickness!!! The game is still good with a great multiplayer online and offline(horde can be played with ppl on and offline). Also, the campaign was actually fun for me, exspecially bcuz i played it with my brother on co-op.
    I have also heard Fallout 3 is a really good game, but i find it too slow bcuz i prefer shooter games. COD4 is my personal fav. game to play online. It will probably give you motion sickness, but you can lower that setting so it is slower. I would personally get COD4 if you have online!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will get hours of online play!!

  14. JESSICA says:

    I like call of duty and FIFA-09.
    Throw a view on above link there is plenty of games for xbox360.