What’s an electro-acoustic guitar?

I found this guitar: http://www.lidl.co.uk/cps/rde/xchg/lidl_uk/hs.xsl/index_15763.htm

It says electro-acoustic.. Does that just means it’s n acoustic guitar with amplified sound? Or is it an electric guitar with the design of an acoustic?

I’ve looked at wikipedia etc but can’t find anything.. Can anyone help?


  1. Wilder says:

    It’s an acoustic guitar in every way, that can be jacked/hooked to an amp or effects pedal.
    Straight up acoustic guitars don’t have any such means of amplification.

  2. OnTheRock says:

    Here in the US we call them acoustic electric guitars, but I’ve noticed in the UK they refer to them as electro-acoustic guitars. It’s just an acoustic guitar that has a pickup installed so that it can be amplified. Usually they use a piezo pickup mounted under the saddle (the white bone/plastic piece in the bridge that the strings run across. There is usually a preamp mounted inside the guitar with volume and tone knobs or sliders and a jack located in the endpin (where the strap attaches to the butt of the guitar). Most require a 9 volt battery to power the preamp. But it’s really an acoustic guitar and can be played unplugged just like any acoustic guitar.

    There are also hybrid guitars which are basically an electric guitar that has piezo or transducer pickups in the bridge or mounted to the body so it can sound like an acoustic guitar. These don’t have the large hollow body of an acoustic guitar, so they are really only meant to be played plugged in. The Taylor T5 is probably the best of the hybrids. I have a Parker electric guitar with a Fishman piezo bridge that sounds somewhat like an acoustic guitar but again, it’s a solid body electric guitar with humbucking pickups but just has a piezo bridge for acoustic sound. That’s NOT what people mean by electro-acoustic though.

  3. EpicFail says:

    its an acoustic guitar that can be played normally like any other acoustic guitar. or you can plug it in the amp just to get more sound from it. hope i helped :)