What’s Better a Desktop or a laptop??

I was thinking of saving up for Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5535

But i want to use the screen as a tv for my xbox 360 the games i want is GTA IV & Guitar hero 3

wood it be better to get a laptop or a desktop for that


  1. ?????? says:


  2. adam says:

    i think both or laptop, lol

  3. Dani says:

    If you’re going to load a bunch of games on it, might as well get a desktop. They have more memory and ram for the price, and the screens are naturally bigger. Plus, they don’t overheat as easily.

  4. martinlh says:

    It depends on what you want it for. If you want the Internet, portability, and word processing, go with a laptop. If you want gaming, go desktop.

  5. pyroflame647 says:

    In the long run desktops are better because they are upgradeable with all of their hardware. If you don’t care about having the latest and greatest hardware then go with the laptop.

  6. popc says:

    Desktop of course cause you are very limited with up grading a laptop.

  7. Elmzyboy says:

    A laptop. But a desktop is better 😉

  8. Krazykyle says:

    desktop less expensive and you can get some nice 19 inch lcd screens. Awsome for call of duty 4 online for pc.

  9. Steph Arnold A says:

    laptop would give easier mobility and a clearer screen
    but a desktop might have sudden jerks
    so im my experience go with a cheap laptop

  10. cohillbilly72 says:

    I bought a Gateway FX and it does great and much better then both of my desk tops. I have several games and other programs installed and have no problems at all. Its fast and has plenty of memory, no over heat problems or slow choppiness. If you have issues like th ones mentioned then most of the time its an operator error.

  11. tagore says:

    Laptop is the better choice

  12. Pw[ii]nc3ss says:

    Laptop because it is more portable.

  13. el kyle says:

    get a desktop if u dont travel around. desktops are faster and can do more than a laptop. just look at the sizes. why would someone buy a big machine if its the samething as a small one.

  14. John W says:

    You can always plug a larger display into the laptop and use it as a desktop. The difference you’ll pay for the larger display may not be worth it. Also, you may be able to by an adapter cord that would allow you to connect your laptop to a televison set. Personally, I had both a laptop and a desktop. I stopped using the desktop and finally gave it away.

  15. yeppp. says:

    I have a laptop.

    The desktop is fine if your ONLY going to use it for games but with a laptop you can move around. You be on the floor one minute and on the bed another. The desktop has more memory and if our going to be putting a lot of things and downloading on it the desktop would be the smarter choice.

    If you have any questions about GTA IV ask me by email. :]

  16. AleSmith says:

    A desktop will always give you more bang for your buck not to mention a longer lifespan due to the ease of upgrading a desktop vs. that of a laptop.

    I never recommend laptops to anybody who doesn’t fully intend to drag them everywhere they go and even then I suggest they seriously consider how they intend to use the mobility of a laptop. More often than not the things people cart a laptop around for can be handled by a phone or PDA these days.

  17. Tatty says:

    Definately desktop