Guitar Hero Games: Whats The Deal With Call Of Duty Black Ops, Should I Get It?

I’m pretty much the only guy in the gaming world who’s never played a single game in the Call of Duty series. Pretty much every single person on Xbox LIVE has it, and all my mates do too, they love it. But what exactly is it, why should I get it? So basically you go through battle grounds called maps, which if you finish you can buy more maps from the Xbox Marketplace, am I right or wrong? So what about the rest of it, why do people love it, how hard is it to get all the full 1300G achievements in the game, is it easy, intermediate or way too hard to complete? And whats a clan (yep I’m seriously asking that, I honestly have no idea). I might just give it a try, but I don’t wan’t to waste money on it, because I should be saving up considering I just got Portal 2, I’m more of a Guitar Hero, Mirrors Edge all that stuff person rather than a COD fan. Also might get Forza 3 instead, since Microsoft keep releasing versions of it, it must be a good game.
Yeah think I knew it was an old game… its still trending though.


  1. Alyssa Marley says:

    Get it just get it
    Trust me you will love it

  2. Black Beats White ~YaY~ says:

    It came out 6 months ago you old news Jack A………. maybe you should try going back to the Ice Age