What’s the best response to “hip hop isn’t real music”?

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I’m a bit sick of these ignorant people who don’t think hip hop is real music because there’s no guitars in it (even thought there is alot of the time). That think just because the only “rap music” they’ve heard is 50 Cent rapping about his bling etc. that’s all there is to it. They also tend to think that hip hop has no relevance at all to them, they might say “what does a gangsta from da ghetto got to do with me?” (thinking they’re funny), and even if they know there’s more to it than that, they don’t see what a black american man could possibly have in common with them!? As if they’re lives really correlate with their favourite bands’ lives. These people don’t even put forward reasonable arguments, just ridiculous uneducated statements.
What’s the ultimate response to these frustrating people? If someone said “hip hop isn’t real music” what would you say? I don’t know where to start. “Shut up you ignorant sh*t. Yes it is real music learn some tolerance you dumb c*nt” Bit harsh since i feel the need to say it to some family members, and still doesn’t really get the point across.

Note: The people i mean are (but not limited to) indie-emo-pop-punk kids, and guys that think all music should be like The Rolling Stones, any alternative is sh*t. tbh I think most are just immature and haven’t learnt that there are cultures different to their own, culturally ignorant people. Also there’s the racists that don’t like a group of people, so they think they’re music must be bollocks. Don’t mean to generalise.
But if you stay silent they think they’re right.
Loco i agree with that – read the whole question – no need to get personal lol
haha Roger i’d only say that if you came across as one. I understand that all music can’t suit everyone’s tastes – it just annoys me when people think their taste in music is superior to others, and mistake their opinion for fact.


  1. tori_lynn_1904 says:

    my response would be complete silence….mainly because why should i open my mouth and try to defend something that they know nothing about and dont want to know anything about….its pure ignorance to bash something you know nothing about….so in return why should i be ignorant and curse them out ……?? you know why you like it….and i think thats all that matters

  2. *~alliecat~* says:

    Ignore it. No need to lower yourself to their level. You know what’s up, and it is true that everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so hey. Let em think what they think…..even though they’re wrong!!!!! :)

  3. Dynasty. (Wu Tang Stan) says:

    It’s There Opinion. but i agree with you.

    Although this little ‘Music Know It All’ claim that Hip Hop isn’t Music when Rock is all about killing your self

    No Offence.

  4. Sprite Dude says:

    Best response is:

    “Yeah, you’re right, that sh*t isn’t real music! Come on down, yo!”

  5. Mathematics (Sin-A-Matic) says:

    “You saying all Rap sucks is as ignorant as me saying all *insert music type here* sucks.”

    Usually they don’t respond after you say something like that, because you give the notion that you know what the f*ck you’re talking about.

  6. mthrfcknchipotle69 says:

    tell them to stop listening to the radio and hear some real hiphop. Most of the underground rappers/producers and old school guys use turntables that IMO are instruments (check out how Kid Koala uses his and i think you would agree). Also show them some groups such as The Roots and The Coup who actually use real instruments along with a turntable to produce their music

  7. aGrimr3aper says:

    Let the music speak for you if they are one of your friends or someone you know play a song around them that is a great hip-hop song (Rakim ussualy works here) or if you dont know them ignore it. They will not understand it because most people who say stuff like that are teenagers who are into fads or as you said people who think all music should be about love and taking drugs(rolling stones).

  8. bigbrotherseye says:

    I think you should answer by saying that ‘It may not be music to you – but I like it. I don’t particularly like your music choices, but I won’t disrespect the fact that you do and I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell me what I like’.

    I know lots of people, and what one likes the next one doesn’t. Music is so adverse, means so much to so many people in thousands of different ways. One song may hold memories for one person and they love it – their best friend may be listening too and the song/music holds bad memories and they hate it.

    Music affects lives in so many ways. There is no right, there is no wrong – there are just choices which you make if a song/music track appeals to you for WHATEVER reason.

    A lot of the punks/Emo’s etc will say they like music because it is aimed at that group of people and they are almost compelled to like it for that reason- and you know what? They probably hate some of it – but they follow the trend.

    I think the majority of us have such a varied choice of music and when whoever it is who is jibing you grows up, they will appreciate that liking more than one kind of music, whatever you class yourself as, is simply normal and appreciative of the great art of music!

    It is there for us all to enjoy……….so enjoy it!

    Hope this helps.

  9. ? says:

    I think you need to accept that we all have our own style of music and you have some that enjoy any kind of music and we all have different understandings as to what music is and what it means to us. Give others the respect of letting them have their opinion as long as you also put yours over, and as long as you keep enjoying your tunes then dont fret!

  10. riggz06 says:

    You should say: Your right bashing a guitar & yelling in a mic at the same time is way more truth full then any hip-hop beat tryin’ to raise the youth awareness to today,s options & difficulties or better yet don’t Sayy a god damn thang & play a beat like Dilated Peoples ”This Way” or Tupac’ Brenda’s Got A Baby & Wounda why they call u bitch…

    And after showing them the spiritual side of hip hop just bust a cap in they ass while screaming Thug Life…lolll

  11. Depressed Loco says:

    Hip Hop is a cultural movement expressed through the tradional elements of deejaying, emceeing, various forms of dance (breaking, popping, locking) and writing (graf art). As a culture, hip hop represents other aspects of culture as well such as language, style of dress, politics, etc. Hip hop is life!