What’s the best metallica song to learn on guitar for an intermediate level player?

The hardest solo I know is fade to black. I’d like to be able to play a full song inc solo

Songs I know:

The day that never comes
nothing else matters
fade to black
one (without solo)
All nightmare long
I think I’ll leave this for voting. SOOO many great answers! Thanks to all


  1. T O says:

    sad but true

  2. Bad Company says:

    Enter Sandman

  3. PoisionusPossesion says:

    Enter Sandman
    Creeping Death

    i have been playing a year. and i can play both of them ^^

  4. April says:


  5. freebird says:

    The house that Jack built

  6. Tomemoth (Behemoth's brother) says:

    Enter Sandman
    For Whom The Bell Tolls
    Creeping Death
    Sad But True
    Seek And Destroy

    The riffs to these are easy, but the solos are quite tricky.

  7. N says:

    I gave up listening to Metallica after Master of Puppets.
    From what I’m familiar with, these are good choices.

    Eye of the Beholder
    Metal Militia

  8. Experiment 626 says:

    I would advise Through the Never and Enter Sandman.

    But from choices you have, I’d say One. Nothing Else Matters is a little easy and the open-strings thing gets really boring.

    Hope I helped