What’s the best instrument to learn by myself?…?

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I’m wanting to learn a instrument BY MYSELF and in my own time when I want and when I get the chance I’m only 19 and when I’m not in work I’m napping because I work on a construction site so it’s gets exhausting sometimes :)
Any ideas is the guitar any good?
I did do guitar like 4-5 years back I can’t remember why I quit but then I have lessons with some teacher person
I just would like to say that I can play and instrument over than the triangle hehe.
Something I can learn by myself

I’d love to lean how to play the piano but I know that would be impossible by myself and without a piano ahaha but hey


  1. Martinaa says:

    i learned piano by myself it’s pretty easy! and i love it

  2. Ezra Browne says:

    flute is pretty easy violin piano aswell, drums is easyer although it takes alot of energy but is more then worth it, so meby not one of the brass could suit you, french horn is easy to pick up on, best of luck hope it helps

  3. Sandulf says:

    The thing with learning any instrument is that it’s always hard at first, and withought a Teacher you’re liable to give up pretty quickly. You say you’ve already got a bit of experiance in Guitar, so I’d look up some online lessons and see if it can be re-kindled.

    Just do a Google search for Free Online Guitar Lessons and check out Ultimate-Guitar.com for their lessons too.

  4. spottydoodle1 says:

    the guitar sounds good, its probably one of the easier instruments to teach yourself as there are so many tutorials online. check out ultimate-guitar.com for easy to learn songs…

    piano is a lovely instrument to be able to play, but not as easy to learn by yourself, especially if you haven’t got a piano!! perhaps an investment is in order here….. :)

  5. Shaun says:

    well if you are more of solo musician I say the guitar or piano just cause they’re more personal instruments. Drums are okay but I think they work better with a full band, same with a bass guitar. But if you also want to learn the whole music thing (theory, rhythm and Melany) I say the piano just its easier to find the notes.

    Edit: if you go for piano, I would suggest look for a digital keyboard, I have one where it shows what note your playing and also metronome too stay in timing. A decent one usually has the normal piano it.

  6. Dom Cobb says:

    I can play Guitar. But i’d say Violin first, [1] You learn Sheet Music, Pace, Rhythm, Chord Structure, Note-Placement, Pressure -how hard/soft to play the strings-, Fluidity in regard to interchanging. That brings us nicely to the reason [2] Once you have mastered this, it makes Guitar easier to learn, and you can read sheet music, which enables you to learn Piano easier. So that’s three Instruments, with the potential of others, because you can read music to a degree to perform in symphony orchestra. Tabs is a low level of reading music, equivalent to a ‘C’ or a ‘D’.

  7. Suzanna I says:

    Guitar, piano or ukulele. Everybody is different and will find different instruments easy to learn – personally I play the violin and saxophone but both of these instruments need tutoring in (in my opinion) because of getting the technique right I mean I disagree with the girl who says the violin is easy because you have to learn vibrato and how to slur your notes and when to use the different ends of the bow when playing because not all tunes start at the heel of the bow, but there are some instruments that are so straight forward. The saxophone is definitely easier of my 2 instruments but then again some people do take to some Instruments like a duck to water. Try going back to the guitar as you have already experience in this instrument but ultimately it is up to you.