Guitar Notes: Why Does My Webcam Take Up So Much Memory?

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my laptop’s integrated webcam is taking up faaar too much memory for what its worth, a simple video of me playing guitar for 40 seconds is taking up 100mb on a 320×240 size video and an insane 355mb on a 640×480 size video…
the laptop is a Packard bell – Easy note LJ61
i cant find how many megga pixels it has but it cant be over 2-3 with the quallity its showing me, even if it were a 10mpx camera it wouldnt take up 30mb in 10 seconds of me staring at the camera…

the settings are export image as JPEG, image size 320×240 = 10 seconds of nothing = 30mb… why??


  1. Neggzz =] says:

    It might be because the picture or the video quality is really high or something