Guitar Notes: Do You Wanna Be In A Scottish Rock Band?

I am trying to put together a rock band.
I am looking for:
1 Guitarist
1 Bassist
1 Keyboard player (If Possible)
1 Drummer.
PLEASE NOTE- All musicians must have their own instrument.
I am 17 and i have had loads of live experience, I play guitar and i sing, although if there is a singer interested please apply.
I don’t mind what influences members bring to the band as i like to create.
ALL APPLICANTS MUST!!! Live in the Edinburgh/Glasgow area of Scotland(UK)
Preferably aged 17-18 not higher.
If anyone is interested please leave an answer containing-

An E-mail Adress (E-mail it to my account if confidential)
A link to either Facebook/Bebo/myspace whatever,
I’d like to hear what can be done.

I would only like males, and i am looking for 100% dedication as i am looking to go far and i have contacts in the music bisuness.

So if anyone is interested please get in contact,
Thank You.

P.S Cheers Jimi.


  1. ERIC THE RED says:

    Sure. I am an excellent drummer.

  2. JD says: