Guitar Hero Games: Can I Undo A Pre-order On

My dad says that I cannot pre-order guitar hero 4 for christmas, because I may change my mind closer to the date, but if it’s pre-ordered now, it comes with a bass guitar (which I would also like!). Can a pre-order be undone before the game comes out? Also, if the price drops before it is realesed, would this effect the price I pay, or would I have to pay the price it was when I ordered it?
Also, would the money be payed at the time it’s preorderd, or the time they send it out?
thanks again.


  1. S C says:

    Go into “My Account” sign in, check order history and simply cancel the pending order.

    You can do this at any time until it says processing order.

    You would pay the amount that it is listed at despatch. If it’s cheaper then, you will be charged the cheaper rate.

  2. Ali V says:

    From HMV experience yeah you can cancel the pre order provided it hasn’t been sent out. If the price drops so will the amount you pay. I would assume its the same on Play