Guitar Lessons: Is There Anywhere In The UK Where You Can Get A Cheap Gibson SG?

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hey my guitar has broke and the problem is I have lessons!
I was wondering if theres anywhere in London maybe to get a cheap gibson sg i really dont mind if it’s second hand i just really need a guitar and seeing a i want a sg…well yu get my drift


  1. Ian C says:

    You’d be lucky if you found a Gibson SG for much under £600, even if second hand. If you can’t quite afford the Gibson, maybe you should go for an Epiphone SG? There’s not a huge difference and its still made by Gibson. I picked mine up many years ago for around £180, but I’ve no idea what Epiphone SGs retail at nowadays.

  2. The man with no name says:

    Use the internet. Ebay may have something. Or check local ads such as trade-it.

    You wouldn’t get a genuine SG for an amazingly cheap price in any shops.

    Guess it all depends on what you are willing to pay.

  3. fentoozler says:

    gibsons arent cheap.
    if you need one quick,just get something from cash convertors.
    sell it when you find an sg.