Guitar Games: Why Is Being A Typical Girl So Much More Boring Than Being A Typical Guy?

I mean, all the activities associated with being a girl are pretty limited and DULL. I feel like an outcast when I prefer doing things that are considered “boy territory”, but in honest truth – it just happens to be more FUN. I don’t understand why girls purposefully avoid doing guy activities because they consider it “masculine”. I play guitar, and one of my friends said she would pick it up too, but considered more of a “guy thing”. Fuck that!

Girl things:
-Being fashionable
-As a child, playing with toys that prepare you to be a mum (combing hair of, dressing barbies, baby dolls, fake kitchen, baby dolls which need to be “fed” and “poo/pee”)
-Nurse, receptionist, cleaner, stewardess (typically)

Guy things:
-BMX bikes, skating, dirt-biking, snowboarding
-Guitar, drums, DJing, rapping
-Video games
-Making things like furniture, building houses
-Fixing cars
-Going to rock concerts
-Pilot, engineer, lawyer, CEO, IT

My dad once said I couldn’t buy a car more than 10 years old because if it broke down I wouldn’t know what to do – but if I was a guy it’d be fine (hwat? I could LEARN). There are a lot of gender-neutral activities, but I don’t want to restrict my lifestyle to preparing to be a housewife. Your thoughts?
Oh and I forgot to mention playing pool or sports like soccer and basketball


  1. Me Enamora says:

    I totally agree lol. If I was a guy I’d be a pro soccer player or F1 driver. I guess I’ll just have to settle with marrying one lol.

    Also, periods suck. Men are lucky they don’t go through that gross sh*t.

  2. Subjective says:

    I help at a kids club sometimes, Something someone pointed out to me that i thought was funny.

    We were making cookies and decorating them btw

    Girls make their cookies look good and decorate them well.

    Boys just try and fit as much icing and sweets on their cookie as possible.

    However i do disagree with some of the things you said.
    Fixing cars (to me) is not fun.
    Going to rock concerts is not masculine (in face i know far more rocker girls than boys)
    Girls can be lawyers etc (e.g. legally blonde)

    but rest i can give you.

  3. raиι says:

    Shopping is not boring. I assure you.