Guitar Hero Games: Would You Treat Your Child Like This?

My brothers and i hardly eat anything. I am overweight and am not proud of the fact but i’m not bothered by the fat comments. 2 of my brothers (they’re 14 and 17) are average weight for their height. But my youngest brother who is 13 is overweight. Now i try not to be a hypocrite and i’m not. I don’t eat constantly.

This is how my mum treats my brother. He can eat whatever he wants, he can have every last ice-lolly, choc ice, bag of crisps, biscuits, toffees and melted cheese he likes. We get it in the ear about telling him to not constantly eat cheese or sweets.

My mum used to buy 6 cans of diet pepsi and he would ask for 1 and then drink 5. Mum wouldn’t care. Any of us drank 1 and we would get grief off of her.

Watching tv tonight my brothers and i wanted to watch holby city. My little bro comes down from upstairs where my mum has Virgin installed and asks her if he’s allowed to watch some rubbish kiddy halloween film. My mum said yes without even asking if we wanted to watch the tv.

He’s turning into a spoilt brat. This christmas i’m getting a Wii and 100 pounds worth of stuff. (it’s a joint 21st birthday present from the 8th nov, we already have 1 wii so i will be able to play the games i get for my birthday).

My brother sulked because my mum can’t afford to get him guitar hero 4 for christmas except that it costs 150 pound for 1 game.

My mum can’t see that my brother is constantly eating because he’s bored or that he is turning into a spoilt brat. I’m not saying that i’m not because i can be but i would never ask for anything that my mum couldn’t afford.
Destiny, i’m 20 years old and not in school. Also one grandmother has severe alzheimers and one is not very good at expressing herself (due to a brain haemorrage she had when i was 7) and she also doesn’t get on with my mum. Both my grandfather’s are dead. And my dad would rather not get involved.


  1. Bailey, says:

    wow that’s bad but just tell her, she’s probably just trying to be on you guy’s good side and be nice and stuff

  2. #1 on the way :D says:

    He’s only 13, he doesn’t know any better.

    And a parent who is spoiling a child would never ever admit to it.

    Maybe, if you can see he’s bored, you could play sports with him. Like go play some hoops?

  3. habz says:

    sum time mums really like youngest child.. even if they are dumb.. n that makes child big-headed. i guess u have to live with it..
    try to be extra nice with your brother. that can change ur mums point of view..

  4. It's Just Me!! says:

    sounds to me like a classic. he’s the youngest so gets whatever he wants. unfortunately, although some mothers out there would disagree, unless you and the other two brothers start acting up and an outsider stands up for you to try to explain your bahaviour to your mum, the chances are realistically that this situation won’t change. he’ll always be the baby of he house and you always be the big sis who should know better….according to your mum. i’m not suggesting you should start acting up though, you sound like a nicely maturing person.

    maybe you could get a job a couple of hours a week? that way if you want treats of your own you can afford them yourself. the thing is, the fact that your mum treats him like this won’t change but he will grow up so his unwanted behaviour won’t last forever. but by doing a few little jobs here and there you can earn your own independence from the sibling rivalry and by doing so you won’t be bothered so much that he gets treated this way. just remind him occasionally, as sisters do, that one day he’ll have to fend for himself. and remind yourmum that she has four babies, not 1. regardless the ages, you should be treated fairly all your lives.

  5. Destiny'sDream says:

    Wow. I just had a Harry Potter moment. You sound like Harry, and your brother sounds like Dudley, a spoiled brat who gets everything he asks for. Talk to your school counselor or your grandmother, and hopefully they can give you some advice. You shouldn’t have to live like that.