Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would I Get For Trading In My Xbox360 (newest Version)?

Free apps! This is a video of the song: Fix Up, Look Sharp vs. Genesis (Expert Mode) in the music game, DJ Hero. NOTE: These videos are primarily meant to show the expert chart of the song, instead of being a showcase of skill.

im just wondering if anyone knows how much i can get for my xbox360 and games which include fable 3 collectors edition final fantasy 13 and guitar hero warriors of rock with guitar, best answer with info gets best points also can you say how much ill get for it and where i can get that much from please. thankyou


  1. jue231 says:

    hey mate put this xbox on ebay if its a new verson with games you watch it raise money,ive just sold a ring of death one on their for 49 pound so work it out their will be a bidding war plus christmas coming up soon,if you take it to your local game store they rip you off hardly give you much i never trade in my stuff their they totally under value their own goods they sell us for hundreds,so ebay for my dude by far