Guitar Hero Games: How Much For Trade In At Gamestation?

We are Streaming LIVE @ (we are streaming GH now) Unboxing DJ Hero Renegade Edition.

how much would i get at gamestation for:

an original xbox with one controller, all leads complete biut no box
guitar hero 2 with guitar controller for ps2
guitar hero 3 game
canis canem edit game- ps2
test drive unlimited ps2 game
downhill domination ps2 game

is it worth taking the xbox if they have to check through it all and test it etc, especially if it has no box? i’d rather lose the £10 / 15 rather than having to wait around for ages.


  1. asbalih says:

    Go and check!! Dont take them with you just ask them how much for the whole list. a wandering member of staff may tell you a rough amount, but i dont personally buy or trade with gamestation, use GAME or if you have one, CEX. Trading in with GAME means you never have to pay the full price for a game from any GAME store again!!!

  2. babydoll72 says:

    phone them and ask they are usualy quite helpful, i know that you’d get more for your xbox etc if you decided to trade in for things in store rather than taking the cash