Guitar Songs: Does Anyone Have Any Tips To Help Me Learn The Electric Guitar?

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Hi. I’m learning to play the electric guitar and the song I am focusing on is Back in Black by AC/DC. Does anyone have any good tips to help me be a better guitarist? Thanks in advance :)


  1. Ryan says:

    YOUTUBE dude. seriously if your having problems learning the song go on youtube and type something like ac dc back in black guitar tutorial or ac dc back in black guitar lesson or something like that and go to the ones with the most veiws, they tend to be better but dont be afriad to check out more than one video on how to play it. Also I suggest going to and seting up a free profile, this way you can go on the forums if your having problems and ask

  2. TERRYdeBASS says:

    Timing.Many new guitarist know all the chords,but struggle when they
    first encounter playing along with a rhythm section.Try a visit to
    Great choice to start with by the way,another good band for learning
    your chops to is Saxon.Good songs and not toooo difficult.
    Another useful site is
    One last little tip.Focus on getting one song spot on before you move on.
    Completely.Especially the widdly awkward bits.Don’t cut corners!
    Those short cuts will come back and bite ya! And enjoy!