Guitar Notes: Tips On Joining A Band?

Hi, I’ve been playing electric guitar specifically death metal and thrash metal. I can play songs like Raining Blood-slayer, master of puppets-metallica, holy wars-megadeth, war ensemble-slayer, and many more almost note for note and at the correct speed(Sorry but many of the solos are TOO HARD, so I can’t do them). My picking speed and hand/arm endurance are up to par, but I am worried that not knowing much on music theory like knowing the names of chords and stuff will hinder me getting into a band anytime soon? I must add that creatively, I have to admit I am somewhat gifted, hearing many times by fellow musicians “yo, who was that song by?” while working on my own songs/music.


  1. Berke says:

    sounds like ur a pretty good guitar player. the best way to start a band is obviously with ur friends. and if u dont have any friends that play an instrument, u can teach them and improve over time. or, if ur lucky, u’ll randomly be playing outside ur house or something, and someone will hear u play and u might become friends and start a band. i know that sounds dumb but ive actually seen it happen before. but the best way i think is to put up fliers and hold auditions for a band. just because u dont know chords doesnt mean u cant be good in a band. and ur writing ur owns songs?! good for u man. hey, if ur band is playing songs that u wrote, and u dont have any chords or anything, u dont need to worry about any of that stuff. hahha, anyways, good luck to u mate

  2. carmen says:

    Why is this in the volleyball section?